Slim Jim has unpaused their sponsorship with WWE, will continue relationship going forward

According to F4WOnline, Slim Jim has unpaused their promotional activities with WWE now that Vince McMahon is gone from the company.

The report also notes that Slim Jim will be a sponsor for tonight’s Royal Rumble event and will be continuing its sponsorships for future WWE events.

Slim Jim had announced on Friday that it had paused all of its promotional activities with WWE, due to the “recent disturbing allegations” made against McMahon. Later on Friday night, it was announced McMahon resigned from TKO Group Holdings and WWE, thus no longer having any kind of roll with TKO or WWE going forward.

WWE and Slim Jim had previously announced a WrestleMania 40 sweepstakes, where the winner would receive a trip to the big two-night event, which includes an official Slim Jim Car.