Janel Grant’s attorney addresses ‘culture of corruption’ in WWE in light of lawsuit

During an appearance on Morning in America, Ann Callis spoke about the lawsuit her client Janel Grant filed against Vince McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and WWE.

Addressing the situation at hand, Callis stated:

“It’s been a long process, and she (Grant) wants to speak out for any other victims and eradicate this culture of corruption that has permeated every cell of the WWE.”

Callis also talked about the influx of people coming forward to attest about the situation, noting that she and her office have felt overwhelmed by it all.

In the lawsuit, Grant states that WWE’s internal investigation into McMahon that concluded in November 2022 was a “sham,” and that no one from the company reached out to her regarding the investigation despite her willingness to take part.

Source: F4WOnline

Edward Brennan, a lawyer for co-defendant Laurinaitis, has since released a statement to VICE News claiming that his client not only denies the allegations, but considers himself a victim in the situation.

In clarifying the response, Brennan added:

“Read the allegations. Read the Federal Statute. Power, control, employment supervisory capacity, dictatorial sexual demands with repercussions if not met. Count how many times in the complaint Vince exerts control over both of them.”