Criminal DUI case against WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has been dropped

According to Sumter County Court records, the criminal DUI case against WWE Superstar Liv Morgan has been closed.

Records show that Morgan had a fine of $543.00.

Morgan was arrested back on December 14, 2023 in Sumter County, FL. She was charged with possession of synthetic cannabinoid and possession of cannabis (20 grams or less).

Morgan was driving a yellow Jeep around 6:30 pm local time on County Road 476 when a Sumter County sheriff’s deputy noticed that the vehicle crossed over the yellow and white lines on the roadway “several times,” per the arrest report. The arrest noted that when the deputy approached the Jeep, the odor of marijuana was detected. In her vehicle, a small plastic bag containing marijuana was found in a pink fuzzy bag in the vehicle. A vape pen containing an oil-like substance was also found in the Jeep’s center console. The substance tested positive for marijuana.

Last month, KOMO News out of Seattle, WA reported that prosecutors dropped the felony case against Morgan, due to what they called “some recent case-law in Florida.” However, the second charge was transferred to another court.

Morgan’s attorney entered a plea of Nolo-Contendere pertaining to the charge.

Nolo-Contendere means that the defendant does not accept or deny responsibility for the charges, but instead chooses to waive the right to a trial and therefore instead agrees to accept the penalty.