Nephew of NXT star honored for thwarting school shooting

A 15-year old high school student is being honored by a local organization for a recent act of bravery.

Jackson Swallen, nephew of NXT star Lexis King, aided in stopping a potential school shooting in his hometown of Cincinnati, which has earned him a National Student Hero Award from the Uvalde Foundation For Kids.

Upon learning of a plan to carry out the shooting by another student and an out-of-state adult, Swallen informed his father who immediately contacted police on the matter.

King took to social media to show pride in his nephew for the heroism displayed:

The founder of the Foundation, Daniel Chapin, praised Swallen and his father for their bravery, stating:

“This student who helped extinguish a possible threat to fellow students, represents the reality of how the climate of violence plaguing our nations schools and threatening student lives can come to an end — not through gun control or more safety planning meetings; but rather through alert, caring students such as this young man who refuse to stand by when a potential threat stands against their friends.”

The story was picked up by local news affiliate WCPO 9.

Source: F4WOnline