Report: WWE receiving major tax break from Ohio in 2024

The Columbus Dispatch reports that WWE received a big tax break of over $1.6 million from the state of Ohio in 2024.

The report breaks down movies and television series filming in the state receiving a total of $44 million in funding, with WWE listed under TV series:

  • An Interesting Life Season 2, Southwest Ohio, $432,300
  • WWE 2024, Ohio, $1,675,986
  • Nightmare Transmission Season 2, Ashland/Columbus, $265,247.40
  • Heartland Horror Chronicles Season 1, Crestline, $129,444
  • Christmas on Main, Ashland, $148,842
  • Kings of Vegas, Cleveland, $105,878.25

It was previously reported that Cleveland was the front-runner to host WWE SummerSlam this year, but nothing has been confirmed as of time of writing.

Source: Fightful