Robert Roode says he is cleared but happy with current WWE role

As a guest on Chris Van Vliet’s Insight podcast, Robert Roode talked about his health situation and his role as a producer for WWE.

When asked about a potential in-ring return following neck surgeries the past couple years, Roode revealed he was recently cleared but is happy in his current role:

“I just got green-lighted. The fusion has completely fused. As far as looking at it from a medical point of view, it’s safe to get back in the ring. At almost 48 years old, given the opportunity that I’ve been given now, working as a producer, which was my goal coming to WWE almost eight years ago, I’m quite happy doing this.

I feel like I’ve had a good run, and I’m happy doing what I do now. Could I [compete] full-time? There is no way I could.”

The former NXT and United States Champion took on the producer role during the weekend of SummerSlam 2023.

Source: Fightful