Report: WWE Talent Question The Rock’s Special Treatment After Internal PG Memo, The Rock comments

F4WOnline and several media outlets have picked up on an “exclusive” story posted from SESCOOPS about a recent memo send to WWE talent that that emphasized they need to follow PG guidelines on television and social media.

Per SESCOOPS, The Rock’s use of profanity, such as in his recent promos has now raised questions among WWE talent about double standards. The report further notes talent now wonder why The Rock is allowed to curse while others are not.

Aaron Varble of SESCOOPS says he has been told Nick Khan, Paul Levesque, Dan Ventrelle sent out a memo “the other week” which says talent needs to adhere to PG guidelines on TV and on social media. Furthermore Varble said, with The Rock being allowed an exception, it is “getting under some talent’s skin.”

Varble also said he was told The Rock’s viral promos, where he keeps cursing has reportedly rubbed some people the wrong way. There seems to be a feeling in WWE there is a double standard, when it comes to Dwayne Johnson, as the rest of the WWE’s roster are “wearing handcuffs.” Additionally, talent are also said to be asking why The Rock gets a pass.

It is said that the thinking among talent is that “even if he is the big movie star, shouldn’t everyone play by the same rules? So he can curse and use that to get over, but everyone else is handcuffed?”

The Rock is also on the TKO Board of Directors. He received $30 million in company stock, a WrestleMania Match and rights to The Rock and his catch phrases.

His next movie, The Smashing Machine, is expected to start filming on May 1.

Johnson took to social media to comment on the initial story from SESCOOPS.

“You sound like somebody the Rock can love – drunk and horny” 

Networks and “standards & practices” have issues with my language, but I’d rather be real than not. I talk from the heart, shoot from the hip and try to always have fun. Enjoy the Rock concert ~ Final Boss.”

NXT Superstar Dijak posted a message to X, showing his support from The Rock’s profanity filled promos.