Ronda Rousey says WWE ‘can’t hold me hostage’ over comments in upcoming memoir

During a discussion to promote her upcoming memoir, Ronda Rousey talked about topics being covered in the book.

Alongside the IVF journey she went through to have her daughter and the concussions that led to her retirement, the former WWE Women’s Champion said she would address the issues behind the scenes of the company during her run:

“Oh, God. Some of the behind the scenes stuff. Behind the scenes. How much of an absolute s—show it is at the WWE, because, I don’t have….They can’t hold a sword over my head and hold me hostage with my own career, and I don’t need anything from them.

I don’t intend on going back so I can actually say everything that I think and feel where everybody else that is still held captive by their organization cannot.”

Ronda’s memoir Our Fight is set to be released April 1, with book signing slated as part of WrestleCon in Philadelphia.

Source: PWInsider