Nick Khan calls Vince McMahon allegations ‘horrific’

During an appearance on The Town with Matthew Belloni, Nick Khan was asked if the allegations and lawsuit against Vince McMahon would have killed WWE’s deal with Netflix.

The WWE President responded by addressing the allegations and the company’s handling of the situation, stating:

“I don’t know about killed, but it certainly wouldn’t have helped the deal. Those allegations are obviously horrific and serious and we take them and interpret them the same way any other reasonable person or organization would interpret them. You saw the quick resignation.”

McMahon’s resignation came after Slim Jim paused a sponsorship wtih the company ahead of the Royal Rumble PLE.

Khan denied that there was any pressure from Netflix to call for the former chairman to step down, or that Vince was still involved in the company in any fashion.

Khan and COO Brad Blum were previously identified as Corporate Officers in the lawsuit filed by Janel Grant, with McMahn being under federal investigation despite denying the allegations.

Source: Fightful