Vince McMahon reportedly ‘cooperating with authorities’ in federal investigation

A report from NBC News has stated that the former WWE chairman is cooperating with authorities in an ongoing investigation of allegations against him.

The allegations of sex trafficking, emotional abuse, and sexual assault stem from a lawsuit filed in January by Janel Grant against McMahon, WWE, and former executive John Laurinaitis.

One source close to McMahon said he believes “officials won’t bring any charges against him and that Grant’s civil case will be settled out of court.”

A spokesperson for Grant’s attorneys told the outlet no settlement talks have been had with McMahon.

According to the report, McMahon has not had contact with WWE or TKO leaders since his January 26 resignation, but has been in touch with John Cena and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

McMahon, WWE, and Laurinaitis were recently issued waivers of summons in regards to the lawsuit and have until May 14 to respond.

Source: Fightful