Backstage updates on Dijak and SCRYPTS

According to Fightful Select, Dijak and WWE are in talks regarding a new contract. It is also said that a new deal between the two sides is expected to be reached. Furthermore, it was said Dijak did have interest from AEW. However, sources from AEW said they expect Dijak to remain with WWE. The concluded that Dijak’s recent social media antics have also had him praised from management backstage and that as of now, there no current creative plans for him on Raw, but there are ideas being pitched.

Dijak was drafted to Raw as part of the 2024 WWE Draft.

SCRYPTS, formerly known as Reggie has seemingly confirmed on social media, reports that he will be be leaving WWE when his current contract expires in June.

He is expected to use the name of Sidney Akeem after he departs WWE.