Details on the relationship between Warner Bros. Discovery and AEW

According to a report by Fightful Select, as of Tuesday, May 15 a new media rights deal between AEW and Warner Bros. Discovery has not been agreed upon. However, AEW is expected to be mentioned at the upcoming WBD UpFronts.

The report also notes the new deal is expected to be kept very quiet, and that sometime this summer or early in the fall is when the new deal with all the details will be made public. There is no exact details information when the current exclusivity media rights deal between AEW and WBD ends.

Reports on Tuesday indicate that WBD has lost the rights to the NBA to NBC, Warner Bros Discovery could be looking at reinvesting its funds towards AEW to keep a top position in the cable rankings.

Fightful Select further notes that there is a pilot show in the works for some kind of AEW related program, which could be announced later this week. There are no details on the what type of show will be, other than the new show will not be a reality series.

It was also noted that WBD has interest in airing all AEW pay-per-view events on its MAX streaming service, which is something they had no interest in doing previously.