AEW Collision Results – 5/25/24 (Airs on TBS, Go-Home Show For Double or Nothing)

AEW Collision Results
May 25, 2024
MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

We right to the venue as Jon Moxley’s music hits…the IWGP Champion walks in from the concessions area. We get video footage of five years ago as Moxley debuted in this same venue, attacking Kenny Omega.

Tony Schiavone and Nigel McGuinness welcome us tgo the show.

Don Callis suddenly comes out and makes his way to the ring. Callis has a mic in his hand. He enters the ring to boos from the Las Vegas fans.

Callis says he has something important to say as Moxley looks on. Callis says he is out here not to cause trouble, but talk to his history with Mox…the boos are really loud…Callis says that his second day in AEW, he costed Moxley the AEW World Title. We then go to a video of Callis helping Mox pin Kenny Omega and Callis and Mox changed the world. Callis then says that he looks in the mirror and sees the 24 stitches that Mox caused. Mox says that when he was in that ambulance, Mox was in there with him and that Mox put his hand on his shoulder and told Callis he is one of us now…Callis tells Mox that the best kept secret is that he and Mox are a lot a like…pro wrestling has given them a platform to change the world and 30 years ago they were locked up somewhere…we get shut the F— Up chants. Callis says that he is not out to make threats, but Mox has Takeshita tomorrow at the PPV. Callis tells Mox image if they were pushing in the same direction, Tony Khan could not stop them. Callis says image what this could be like and that he and Mox are the same. Callis says instead of the match tomorrow, lets use this segment to change the world and what has to be done to make it happen. Callis hands the mic to Mox. Mox says to Callis he has one question…Callis says anything to make this happen. Mox says if they need to trust each other and needs more than just the scar on his forehead and how about another 24 stitches on his bald head…Takeshita comes from behind and attacks Mox. Mox is down as Takeshita grabs a chair and puts Mox’s arm in the chair. Takeshita climbs to the second rope and flips off Mox and lands on the chair that wrapped around the arm of Mox. Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson run into to make the save. Doc Michael Sampson is in the ring with Claudio and Bryan checking on Mox’s left arm.

We go to a recap of Wednesday’s Dynamite with the Undisputed Kingdom attacking Will Ospreay. A backstage vignette from Wednesday with Ospreay all bloody saying no one is better than him in the ring and that his blood is on the International Championship. Ospreay says his last mission is to take the title and no one is better than Will Ospreay.

The music of Daniel Garcia hits as he makes his way out to join Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson who are already in the ring.

The music of Lance Archer is up next the Murder Hawk Monster makes his way out on the entrance area. The Righteous are out next, as Archer, Vincent and Dutch make their way down to the ring.

The mystery partner is said to be a friend of Tony Khan. The fans await…its the President of NJPW – Hiroshi Tanahashi! The fans go crazy as he makes his way down to to the ring.

Claudio Castagnoli, Daniel Garcia and Hiroshi Tanahashi vs. Lance Archer and The Righteous (Vincent and Dutch)

As the bell rings, we get Holy S— chants from the fans. Dutch and Claudio start things off as both men lock up.. We get a clean break, but Dutch slaps Claudio. Claudio charges Dutch, but the big man won’t go down. Claudio charges him again as Dutch kicks him and picks him up and slams him down. Claudio then nails Dutch with a big uppercut and then picks him up and slams him down. Claudio tags in Garcia as Dutch tags in Vincent. Garcia runs the ropes and is hit by a big elbow from Vincent. Garcia fires back with kicks and punches. Garcia then nails Vincent with rights as the fans count…Garcia grabs Vincent as Arches comes in, but Tanahashi takes him out….but the heels take control as we go to picture in picture…

Picture-In-Picture: Vincent has Garcia up against the ropes as tags in Dutch who drops Garcia to the mat. Archer mocks the fans as Dutch covers Garcia for only a two count. Dutch picks up Garcia and tosses him into the turnbuckle before tagging in Vincent who drops Garcia and stomps on him. Archer is tagged in. He uses the second rope to choke Garcia. Archer tosses Garcia into the corner. Dutch is tagged in. He picks up Garcia…

Back from picture-in-picture: Dutch has Garcia up and pushes him in the corner. Vincent is tagged in and cuts off Garcia from trying to make the tag. Garcia picks up Vincent and slams him down…Garcia tags in Tanahashi as Archer is tagged in…Tanahashi drops Archer with a running elbow. Garcia pulls Archer over the ropes as Claudio sends Vincent to the floor. Claudio picks up Dutch with a giant swing, but Archer stops it. Claudio then nails Archer and picks him up and slams him down. As Tanahashi climbs to the top rope, he gets sent to the mat…Vincent and Dutch pick up Tanahashi, but Claudio stops it. Tanahashi recovers and takes down Vincent with a slingblade. Tanahashi is up on the top rope. Tanahashi comes down hard and Vincent as the ref makes the three count for the win.


We go to a vignette with the EVP’s showing how they are thankless employees and how they give back, but four evil men (team AEW) come against the EVP’s who try to change the world.


Back form the break, The Lucha Bros are out first. Rey Fenix and Penta have their kids with them, along with Alex Abrahantes. The fans love the kids of Fenix and Penta. Schiavone said has been 237 days since The Lucha Bros tagged together.

The music of The Gunns is up next as they make their way down to the ring.

The Gunns (Austin Gunn and Colten Gunn) vs. The Lucha Bros (Rey Fenix and Penta El Zero Miedo)

Before the bell all four men start to get into a spat. The bell rings and we are underway. Penta and Austin start off jawing at each other. Colten is in as Rey comes in and drops Colten. Penta and Fenix send The Gunns to the floor. Penta and Fenix leaps through the ropes and take out The Gunns and then superkick them…the action is back in the ring as Austin and Colten recover and takes out Fenix and Penta. Colten picks up Penta and slams him down. Austin is tagged in and suplexes Penta…he covers Penta for only a two count as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Colten has Penta down as the ref checks on him. Austin is tagged in as grabs Penta and stomps on him. Austin picks up Penta and drags him to the center of the ring. Austin then sends Penta to the floor as Colten then picks him up and sends him face first into the ring post. Austin then jaws at Tony Schiavone at the announce table. Austin and Penta are back in the ring as The Gunns double team Penta and prevent him from making a tag. Colten comes in and covers Penta, who kicks out at two.

Back from picture-in-picture, Penta fires back and kicks Colten. Austin tries to cut of Rey from tagging, but he is still able to make the tag. Rey sends Austin to the mat and then takes down Colten and leaps up on the ropes and comes down with a big splash…Rey covers Colten for just a two count. The Gunns recover and take down Rey as Austin covers Rey, but Penta breaks the count. Austin dumps Penta to the floor as Rey superkicks Colten to the floor. Rey and Penta double team Austin and drop on his head to get the win.

The match tomorrow night against The Gunns and Jay White will be for the Unified World Trios Titles…Pac comes to the ring to celebrate as White comes out. We go to a video package hyping up the FTW Three Way Title Match at Double or Nothing.

We go backstage with Arkady Aura interviewing Chris Jericho and Big Bill…Bill talks first and says if its one thing that Chris has taught him, is that when you face adversity in your darkest hour, you have dig deep to pull out the light. Jericho tells Arkady her name sounds like some video game. He then does his goofy laugh. says that he was not expecting to have two other opponents and being the longest reigning For The World Champion at 34 days, and as the learning tree you have to be ready for all kinds of opponents. Bryan Keith comes in and says he missed his shot and then leaves…Jericho waves and says thanks Bryan, as the interview segment ends.

Kyle O’Reilly vs. KM

The bell rings as O’Reilly starts off fast, but KM drop kicks O’Reilly. KM then drops O’Reilly with a big blow. KM then charges at O’Reilly who kicks him. O’Reilly then kicks KM and rolls him up into an arm bar as KM quickly submits.


We go to a video package showing the debut of Mercedes Mone’, leading into her TBS Title Match as she challenges Willow Nightingale at Double or Nothing.


Back from the break, we have a recap of Mercedes Mone’ and Willow Nightingale brawling on Rampage.

The music of Willow Nightingale hits as the TBS Champion comes out with Kris Statlander. Willow high fives the fans at ringside as she makes her way in the ring. Willow has a mic as the fans chant Willow. LAS VEGAS! Willow says it feels really great to be here for the 5th anniversary of AEW. She says you can’t have Collision on TBS tonight without the face of TBS…we get Willow chants…Willow says the face of TBS loves the fans…Willow then says that someone else put her hands on the TBS Title…Mercedes Mone.’ Willows says Mercedes has been here for about two months and that we are way past respect. Willow says that tomorrow night she will make Mercedes wishes she was out of harms way when she was at home sitting on the shelf. Willow says that tomorrow her championship reign won’t end. Willow says that five years ago she was almost paralyzed as she broke her neck before she arrived in AEW. Willow says she will fly 14 hours overseas to defend the TBS Title and that she is just getting started…Willow says that Mercedes can’t beat her at any percent…Willow says that at Double or Nothing she will prove the better woman is Willow Nightingale. Willow then runs circles around inside the ring, holding up the TBS Title. Willow leaves the ring and high fives the fans as she makes her way up the ramp.

We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Trent Barretta. Trent says that he has all he has to say about Orange Cassidy. He says he will show the whole world…Rocky Romero then comes in and says there are a lot of memories between he, Cassidy and Chuck Taylor. Romero says that he hopes they all can put things in the past. Trent says that will never happen and then tells Romero to never interrupt him again, as the interview segment ends.

We have a big four-way tag match next…

The lights go out in the arena the House of Black’s music hits…Brody King and Buddy Matthews make their way down to ring without Malakai Black. The music of Gates of Agony is up next as Gates of Agony come down with Brian Cage. The Infrantry’s music is up next as they make their way down to the ring. The final team, which is The Acclaimed is out next. Max Caster does his usual rap.

Brody King and Buddy Matthews and Bishop Kaun and Toa Liona vs. The Infrantry ( Carlie Bravo & Shawn Dean) and The Acclaimed (Max Caster and Anthony Bowens)

The bell rings as Caster and Carlie Bravo start off…both men try to pin each other. Caster tags in Bowens. Matthews is tagged in. Bishop Kaun is then tagged in. Matthews tags in Brody as Liona is then tagged in. Brody turns around and sends The Infrantry ot the floor. Both Liona and King exhange blows. The Infrantry come back in, but are send to the outside again. Liona headbutted Brody as Buddy comes in, but he sent out by Liona. King then leaps through the ropes and drops Liona, Kuan and the Infrantry who are on the floor, as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Kaun and Liona are on the floor as King and Matthews take out Caster and The Infrantry. Kaun then sends The Infrantry into the barricade. Kuan then sends Shawn Dean back into the barricade. Caste is back in the ring…he drops Liona as Buddy Matthews is tagged in. He superplexes Caster and covers him for a two count. King is then tagged in…

Back from picture-in-picture, Buddy Matthews has Max Caster in a headlock. Caster gets out of the hold, but Matthews sends Bowens to the floor. As Buddy tries to take out The Infrantry, Caster kicks Matthews…King is in as the Gates of Agony come in and take out The Acclaimed and The Infrantry. Matthews is dropped by Kaun with a big drop kick…Carlie Bravo is in, but sent to the apron by King. Liona nails King and slams him with a Samoan drop. Carlie Bravo is tagged in. Bravo and Dean are up on the top rope as the fly to the floor, taking out Gates of Agony. The Infrantry double team Brody King. Matthews is in. We get double cannonball on Carlie Bravo from Matthews and King, followed by a drop kick. King covers Bravo to get the win.

The action of this match was all over the place, as it was challenging to keep up with all the action at times.


We go to a vignette with Adam Copeland who says that they took the one thing that kept him comfortable…Adam tells Malakai Black that he been walking this world before his balls dropped…Adam then says he had to go back to the past…Adam says that if he loses, he bends the knee and joins the House of Black, but they don’t deal in dreams and that this is a horror story. Adam says he uses this to get closer to the house. Adam says that if he wins, the House of Black joins him…Adam says the House of Blood is something he can sink his teeth into…so many questions…Adam closes the vignette by saying that when you see evil in a man’s eyes it’s too late. There were shots during the vignette of Matthews and King looking on at the big screen from inside the ring.


Back from the fast break, we have highlights from Wednesday’s Dynamite with Serena Deeb taking out Toni Storm and Mariah May.

We go to a vignette with Toni Storm that was recorded after Dynamite.

The music of Mariah May hits as she makes her way out for our next match. The music of Leyla Hirsch is up next as she makes her way down to the ring.

Mariah May vs. “Legit” Leyla Hirsch

The bell rings as we are underway.

May ends Leyla to the corner as we get a clean break. May then slaps Leyla hard and then chops her hard multiple times. May then kisses Leyla, which catches her off guard. May then drops Leyla with a belly to belly and then drops her. As Leyla is down, May drop kicks her. We go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Leyla is down as May runs and connects with a big kick across the face. May covers Leyla for only a two count. Lelya tries to fight back, but May counters and then picks her up and swings her around, dropping her hard to the mat. Leyla rolls to the floor. May goes to the outside, but Leyla grabs May and sends her into the steel steps. Leyla rolls back in the ring. May makes her way back in the in the ring and has May in a hold. May tries to fight back…

Back from the picture-in-picture break, May is down as Leyla is up on the top rope. Leyla leaps, but May rolls out of the way…May hit Leyla with a pump kick and picks her up and then drops her on her back. May is up on the top rope and nails Leyla with a big shotgun drop kick. May covers Leyla, but she kicks out at two. May picks up Leyla and puts her on the top rope. May sends Leyla to the mat. May signals for the hip attack…May charges at Leyla, but rolls up May and then delivers a German Suplex. Leyla covers May, but she kicks out at two. May then headbutts Leyla, and hits her with the May day and covers her to get the three count.


We go backstage with Lexy Nair talking to Serena Deeb. Deeb says that the title match on Sunday is the biggest match of her career…Deeb says that it wasn’t so fun a few weeks ago when Toni Storm had to thrown in the towel in order to keep her stooge from getting her leg broke. Deeb calls the Women’s Champ Times Up Toni Storm as she will become the new Women’s World Champion.

We go to a vignette hyping up the AEW World Title Match with Swerve Strickland and Christian Cage at Double or Nothing.


Back from the break, we have an earlier today with a meet and greet with the Young Bucks signing boxes with their new Reebok Pump shoes that are officially released this Monday.

Bryan Danielson’s music hits as he is out first four our main event that will be short, as we are nearing the 9:45 pm ET mark. FTR’s music is up next, as the former AEW World Tag Champs make their way down to the ring. The music of Jeff Jarrett is up next as Satman Singh, Jay Lethal, Sonjay Dutt and Karen make their way out with Jeff.

Bryan Danielson and FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) vs. Satnam Singh, Jeff Jarrett and Jay Lethal

Bryan Danielson and Jeff Jarrett will start things off…Both men lock up as both men take each other down…Jarrett is up and struts his stuff…Jarrett tags in Jay Lethal as he locks up Bryan. Danielson takes down Lethal and kicks him. Danielson tags in Dax Harwood who chops Lethal. Cash is tagged in and takes down Lethal with a big shoulder block. Cash then drops Jarrett…Cash then goes back to Lethal, but he stopped by Satnam Singh. Satnam sends Cash to the floor, as we go to picture-in-picture.

Picture-In-Picture: Lethal and Cash are back in the ring. Lethal works on Cash, and then applies the figure four…Lethal tags in Jarrett. Jarrett takes down Cash and then stomps on his left leg and chest. Jarrett picks up Cash and then sends him to the mat. Jarrett continues on the offense by working on the leg of Cash. Jarrett picks up Cash and drops him on his leg…

Back from the picture-in-picture break, Jarrett is sent to the corner, as Lethal is tagged in…Cash tags in Dax…as Dax runs the ropes, Satnam nails him from behind. Lethal then hits Dax with the Lethal Combination. Satnam is tagged in. He picks up Dax and slams his head on the mat repeatedly. Cash is up on the second rope and comes down on Satnam with a double ax handle, but it has no affect on him. Jarrett makes a blind tag…Danielson is in and nails Jarrett with punches and kicks. Danielson then nails Jarrett with more big punches, as the fans chant yes! Danielson sends Jarrett to the corner and hits him with a couple of drop kicks. Danielson attempts a LaBelle lock, but Lethal breaks it up. Cash sends Lethal to the floor and takes out Jarrett…on the floor, Satnam charges at Dax who moves out of the way, as Satnam hits the ring post. Satnman goes back in the ring as FTR and Danielson try to take down Satnam. Jarrett is up and sends FTR to the floor. Aubrey Edwards grabs the guitar and jaws at Karen…Jeff grabs a chair to hit Danielson but he ducks and Jeff hits Satnam by accident…FTR picks up Jarrett and drops him with a shatter machine…Danielson pins Jarrett for his team.


After the match, Cash Wheeler talks about four years ago AEW became the home of FTR…Wheeler says he will defend AEW…and people ask why he will always defend AEW. He says FTR, wrestlers and the entire wrestling world is better off because of AEW…we get a big AEW chant. Wheeler says that Team AEW is the only ones walking out. Dax then says five years ago in this very building AEW began. Dax Harwood says that they fight for AEW and for every fan that comes home from a hard day at work and they flip on the TV to watch AEW…this is what they are fighting for. Dax closes by saying that they get to be the fans heroes tomorrow night one more time if they don’t come out…as the show goes off the air.