The 2024 WWE Queen of the Ring winner is…

Nia Jax is the 2024 Queen of the Ring.

Jax defeated Lyra Valkyria in the finals at Saturday’s King and Queen of the Ring in Saudi Arabia to earn the crown.

Below is an excerpt of Mike Tedesco’s WWE King and Queen of the Ring recap of how it all went down.

Jax drags Valkyria to the corner for an Annihilator, but Valkyria pulls herself under the bottom rope. Jax redirects and leaps, but Valkyria moves. Jax hits the apron hard with her rear end. Valkyria knocks her off the apron. Valkyria goes for a missile dropkick to the floor, but Jax catches her. Jax goes for a wheelbarrow slam on the floor, but Valkyria counters into a bulldog! Valkyria takes a few moments to recover and gets Jax in the ring. Valkyria knocks Jax to the opposite corner with a missile dropkick. Valkyria follows up with a tornado DDT for a near fall. Valkyria heads to the top rope and leaps, but lands on her feet when Jax moves. Valkyria holds her knee in pain upon landing. Jax immediately hits a Samoan Drop and quickly drags her to the corner for an Annihilator. Valkyria knocks her over, and Jax holds on to the top rope. Valkyria double-stomps her down to the mat for a two-count. Valkyria comes off the top rope with a diving leg drop. Valkyria covers 1… 2…, and Jax quickly kicks out.

Valkyria tries to lift Jax, but Jax is too heavy. Jax shoves her to the corner and avalanches her. Jax gets Valkyria on her shoulders and climbs to the second rope. Valkyria slips down for a sunset flip powerbomb, but Jax holds on and drops down onto Valkyria with an Annihilator from out of nowhere for the win!