Title changes hands at Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing

Will Ospreay is the new AEW International Champion.

Ospreay defeated Roderick Strong to win the title at Sunday’s AEW Double or Nothing.

Below is an excerpt from Alex Kahrs’ AEW Double or Nothing recap of how it all went down.

Strong continues to wear the challenger down, however, getting a nearfall in the process…but hits a superplex followed by a backbreaker to stay in control! Roderick takes to the ropes for a high boot, but gets caught with a powerbomb by Ospreay sending the champ down hard to the mat! Both men slowly get to their feet now, trading strikes back and forth before Strong catches Ospreay down low with a kick to the knee…only for Ospreay to catch him by surprise again! He goes for a Styles Clash but Strong fights out…but he gets dropped with an Oscutter instead! Ospreay with the cover…but the champ kicks out!

The ref checks on Strong as Ospreay waits in the corner, where Don Callis leaves commentary to talk to the Assassin about using the Tiger Driver 91! Ospreay has a moment of crisis as he eventually goes after the champ, looking to hit the Tiger Driver 91…but pauses too long, allowing the champ to break out and hit a gutbuster. Strong hits the ropes for a high boot and the cover…but Ospreay kicks out!

Strong back up, looking for End of Heartache…but Ospreay fights out! Strong fights back and goes for it again, but this time the challenger hits a Hidden Blade followed by the Storm Breaker for the pin to win the belt!