Ric Flair issues apology for WCW-related remarks

Ric Flair has issued an apology on social media, following remarks about Eric Bischoff, Vince Russo, and Jim Herd being a “three-headed monster” that aided in the demise of WCW.

The WWE Hall of Famer’s remarks claimed that “the people in charge…created dysfunction, animosity, and tried to divide and conquer by lying to everyone” while also noting that their direct involvement in the product “was the ultimate failure.”

Despite a response from Russo leading to a proposal by the Nature Boy, Flair went on to post an apology to all three men named in his earlier statement, saying he “unfairly judged” them without knowledge of “the inner workings and behind the scenes of the business on the corporate end.”

Bischoff addressed Flair’s initial comments on his 83 Weeks podcast streamed live after last night’s edition of Who Killed WCW?, stating:

I’m sure Ric has his opinions, and they’re real to Ric in his mind and he still feels strongly about it, obviously, but it doesn’t mean he’s right. It’s just his opinion. It would be like me saying well wait, I’ve produced over 5000 hours of prime-time television, I should be able to wrestle a 20-minute match, I should be able to critique Ric Flair’s matches.

Russo has since responded to the former WCW Champion’s apology.

Source: F4WOnline