Backstage news on Matt and Jeff Hardy’s status with TNA Wrestling

Fightful Select has provided backstage news on the status of Matt and Jeff Hardy’s status with TNA Wrestling.

Jeff made his return at the promotion’s Against All Odds PPV, which took place last Friday.

It is said that Jeff’s contract with AEW expired at midnight on the same day as his TNA return and that “the wheels were already in motion” earlier that week.

Jeff and Matt are reportedly currently working in TNA Wrestling without a contract and are still free agents. The original agreement between Matt Hardy and TNA was only intended to be a short-term plan. However, several dates and creative plans have been added, making the agreement much more expansive than what he originally had planned to do with TNA.

Fightful Select also notes that there have also been creative pitches made for Matt’s wife Rebecca Hardy, who got physically involved during the match between Matt and Moose to have first match with TNA since 2016 sometime in the future.

The belief is that as far as Matt and Jeff returning to AEW at some point in the future, “the door seems to remain open.”