Report: Backstage update on new stable debuting on RAW

Fightful Select has released a report with several new details about the new stable that debuted on last night’s RAW, inspired by the late Bray Wyatt.

The group, which saw teasers begin in early April, has not been officially named on WWE platforms, nor have any members outside of Uncle Howdy been revealed, an intentional move on the part of the company.

The inspirations behind these characters, however, is evident with nods to Sister Abigail, Mercy the Buzzard, Huskus Pig, and Ramblin’ Rabbit.

The report notes that Rowan was signed specifically for his role in the group, with several others being kept off television for months in preparation.

The fallout from the debut, which was ‘meticulously planned’ for specific reasons, is expected to impact multiple storylines across RAW.

Despite the nature of the group and gimmicks involved, Fightful Select reported no supernatural elements are to be expected, confirmed by WWE sources who noted the difficulty in integrating such elements.

The stable wasn’t listed in rundowns, but the roster was aware of their arrival with internal promo shots reflecting the group’s look kept confidential.

During the main event, the stage was prepared to reveal the Abigail-inspired character portrayed by Nikki Cross, a reveal impossible to hide from the audience.

WWE was said to be pleased with the execution and camera work, as well as showing high satisfaction with the crowd’s reaction and further feedback on the segment.

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