GFW Live Results

8/4 GFW Live Results: St. James, Long Island

Attendance was estimated to be in the 500-550 range per live reports.

A triple threat match with three unknown talents took place.

* Pat Buck def. KM.

* GFW Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna def. Taya Valkyrie.

* GFW X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt def. Trevor Lee.

* GFW Unified Tag Team Champions LAX def. Mario Bokara and Fallah Bah.

* Drago def. Low-Ki.

* James Storm, Moose and John Hennigan (former WWE star John Morrison) def. Impact Grand Champion EC3, Lashley and Eli Drake in a six man tag team match.



  1. I recall people arguing with me saying Dixie was the sole problem in TNA and saying they need Jarrett and Dutch to save them (by the way, Dutch is a great mind IMO and I don’t associate much of this to him). The right people could have put the train back on the track and not forced it quicker off the path. I saw the signs when I watched Impact after JJ took back over and for the first time the majority of the show was unwatchable as the current talent is so green moves were being botched and things were so sloppy it was like watching a brand new Indy show. Further signs were when they refused to pay to resign the likes of Matt, Maria, The Hardys and talent just before that who brought something to the promotion even tho, unlike Dixie, Anthem could afford to do so…and further went on to explain how they don’t need them and then Magnus’ recent comments about his experience post Dixie, my witness of the lack of interest in the promotion at WM weekend (Wrestlecon event) and JJ’s GFW results post TNA also kind of speak volumes.

  2. Even during the “Broken” Matt & Jeff storylines, they still didn’t eclipse 500,000 viewers. So while I see your point about letting talent go, I don’t think the Hardys or Maria would have saved them. Just my opinion. The names they had from 2009-2013 were a lot bigger marquee names than Maria or the Hardys.

  3. Finally John Morrison is here! I think Daya is with him too. Hope they don’t botch it with him. He’s strong.

  4. John Morrison is there now? Isn’t he the current Lucha Underground champion? Either way, too bad he had to make his GFW debut in front of a few dozen fans in some warehouse, or gym, or whatever that place is. 500-550 my ass. That report Ryan Satin got is much more accurate.

  5. Agree completely, and they’ll never get to 500,000 viewers on POP and barely stayed near that on DA – no question part of that was / is the networks but my central point is their attitude of “we don’t need named talent and they need us, and we’re not going to spend money on loyal talent even if they are the current champs and are one of the best things we have going, unless they work for less than they were already getting paid so we can save more money even though we spent many times that amount to pay the company debt” is a big part of the problem – I understand the money challenges they had but it really has been an issue since AJ and then ongoing since – but it just showed me Anthem didn’t learn from that, nor Jarrett.

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