GFW Live Results

8/5 GFW Live Results: Staten Island, New York

Attendance was very low and in the 200-250 range.

* Fllah Bahh def. KM.

* Pat Buck, Anthony Bowens and Dan Maff def. The Heavenly Bodies.

* Trevor Lee def. Mario Bokara.

* Taya Valkyrie def. GFW Unified Knockouts Champion Sienna and Allie in a non-title triple threat match.

* Eli Drake def. Braxton Sutter.

* GFW Unified Tag Team Champions LAX def. GFW X Division Champion Sonjay Dutt and Drago.

* James Storm, Moose and John Hennigan def. Impact Grand Champion EC3, Lashley and Low-Ki in a six man tag team main event match.



  1. Holy Fn shit!!! it is…saw some picks on the net….OMFG…Jeff Jarret is genius…at being an Idiot

  2. Well according to him, he’s making a lot more money in TNA/GFW than he was in NXT so I guess that’s what’s most important to him this late in his career. But it also depends on how much longer GFW stays in business as well.

  3. The New Japan show in Long Beach drew a pretty big crowd and ROH usually packs them in even though their venues are kind of small so not all hope is lost. I think GFW has created so much ill will with its core fanbase for the longest time that this is the ongoing result.

  4. I can see that, he probably doesn’t want a WWE type schedule either. It’s odd but it almost seems that Impact/GFW is closer to going under now, rather than when Dixie ran things (and no, I’m not in any way saying she was good).

  5. The attendance is a real shame. GFW is an example of a solid roster of talent hampered by a preceding reputation. A lot of damage has been done, which is going to take a lot of work to fix. The saddest thing is that the in-ring product at the moment is really good, despite the low viewing figures and whatever is going on behind the scenes, that continues to add to the stigma most have for the company.

  6. yep… jeff jarrett has a bizarre fascination/idea that putting on shows in minor league baseball parks is good business.

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