Shane Helms

Shane Helms responds to Jeff Jarrett

Former TNA/Impact Wrestling agent Shane Helms responded to comments by Jeff Jarrett during a conference call with media on Wednesday.

Jarrett stated on the call that the releases of Helms and Al Snow as backstage agents was strictly financial noting that they had “too many agents.”

Helms, not one to hold back, tweeted out the following.

Preview for GFW Impact on July 13

GFW released this preview for tomorrow night’s Impact on Pop TV.


  1. Jarrett could trim some more financial fat by getting rid of Konnan’s worthless butt. He adds absolutely zero to LAX. Just an annoying mouthpiece.

  2. Konan is very good at what he does… if they ever need good booking ideas or talent this guy will deliver most of the time. Not useless.

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