Reby Hardy

Reby Hardy took to Twitter on Wednesday to respond to comments made by Jeff Jarrett during a call with media regarding The Hardys and the use of the “Broken” characters.

During the call, Jarrett once again described the ongoing issue as an “intellectual property issue” and that while people such as The Hardys, David Lagana, Billy Corgan and Matt Conway all played in a role in the development of the “Broken” characters on television, Anthem and GFW still retain rights as the “ownership lies with the publisher.”

Not one to hold back publicly, Reby Hardy noted on Twitter that “agreement terms” between both parties had been agreed upon as of last week and that included a “non-disparagement clause” to the tune of $5,000 every time she would tweet something about Anthem or GFW. She added that no longer appears to be the case.

Per a report by, both parties had recently come to terms on an agreement that was reportedly mediated by Billy Corgan that would allow Matt and Jeff Hardy to begin using the “Broken” characters going forward in exchange for some kind of payment with both Anthem and GFW. The deal, which WWE was reportedly not part of, was sent by lawyers to Anthem’s Ed Nordholm and Nordholm has since not responded. While not official, it would appear it may continue to stall based on Jarrett’s comments yesterday.

You can check out Reby’s tweets below with Matt retweeting one statement.


  1. Put a gag order on all of them, fix it behind closed doors, do not disclose terms and move on.

    Then when it inevitably shows up somewhere else (WWE, ROH again, wherever), it will be a true surprise for the fans of it.

  2. OH I’M SO SICK TO F*CKING DEATH HEARING ABOUT THIS!! And no I’m not mad at Wrestleview for reporting it because it is news. Someone or both sides just settle it one way or another once & for all and enough with all the “we have/they say” social media bullsh*t!

  3. It’s all too confusing to handle….just forget the whole ‘Broken’ gimmick and move on…

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