Moose announces re-signing with GFW

GFW Impact Grand Champion Moose posted the following on Twitter on Wednesday announcing that he has re-signed with GFW for three more years. Moose signed with GFW in 2016 after spending time in ROH from 2014 to mid-2016.

You can check out his full statement below.

Vignette on new GFW team

GFW posted the following vignette on Wednesday for the debut of the new tag team that will be known as OVE. OVE are the former Ohio is 4 Killers tag team of Jake and Dave Crist, who are most known for their runs in Combat Zone Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

GFW had announced that the Crist brothers would be coming soon to GFW on a conference call held last week with Jeremy Borash.


  1. Sigh of relief for the GFW faithful. At least they were able to hold onto one of the top stars.

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