GFW Impact Ratings

The GFW Impact ratings for July 27, 2017 are in.

Last night’s episode on Pop TV drew 286,000 viewers overall on Thursday night according to a report by

This is down from last week’s show that drew 322,000 viewers overall and marked the second week in a row the show saw a substantial drop in overall viewers.

Impact came in at No. 137 in the cable top 150, down from No. 126 last week.

GFW Impact Ratings

Impact, headlined by Alberto El Patron vs. LAX, averaged a 0.06 rating among adults 18-49. This is down from last week’s 0.07 rating.


  1. More like “time to close the doors”. The product has sucked for years now. Say what you will about the Hogan/Bischoff era, but man, the company had lots of star-power in those days. And also, bash Vince Russo all you want, but he brought the viewership up to 2 million when he was there (and those are the facts, you can look them up). At least he had storylines and characters. The last few years has had NOTHING. An increasingly weak roster, no storylines, bland characters, and just retarded crap going on.

  2. That’s what happen when you put alberto and lax in the main event for three shows in the row, and alberto headlining every show with the ppv in a long time!!!
    He is not a face of a company and he will never be.
    And lax is great but nut in in the top story of this company that keeps falling because of the stupid people that control it

  3. Oh it’s ok. Fat dumb ass Prichard said in that conference call that ratings don’t matter anymore in measuring the success of a wrestling show. Except they, you know, kind of do.

  4. Totally agree. Hogan is a total ass, but no one can deny the fact that when he was there he did bring in the highest rating ever (2010). I know Van Dam, Flair, and others were there, but it was Hogan who got that rating. He later helped ruin the company but for that short period of time, TNA did well because of him. Dixie is still a failure though.

  5. I won’t deny that Russo did do some good stuff for TNA; in fact he’s the one who started the Knockouts Division. But no, there’s no reason at all to otherwise sing the praises of the Hogan/Bischoff era. That “star power” also cost the company big bucks and the push of many home-grown stars for which they got little to no return or sustained increased ratings. What it did do was send out a bunch of Hogan’s cronies who either had no business at all being there (Spongebubba Fatpants, his worthless daughter, & that misogynist piece of crap Bruce Prichard who f*cked up things bad enough his first time there) or were mostly tired old geezers there for easy money (Flair, Hall, XPac, RVD, Val Venis, The Nasty Boys & Jimmy Hart). Then Hogan & Bischoff, because they don’t know how to do anything else, re-ran a slew of old ass, played out ideas that put AWA & WCW on the road to ruin. And of course they had to make themselves the center of attention (Hogan especially) for every show & every PPV.
    The result was that, after 2011 which was a peak year for ratings, they went down, down, down until Spike got sick of them and booted them off the network. And the company is still paying for it to this day.

  6. As much as i want to blame it all on Hogan, Dixie and co. hired him, so they can really only blame themselves. It’s not like Hogan didn’t have a track record of 20+ years of doing this.

  7. GFW gives themselves breathing room by taping shows, especially after what happened with Patron. If they had been doing live shows, they would have had to make a decision on Patron a lot quicker, which may have sustained the rating. People know it’s taped, so I think they figure that nothing dramatic will happen since they read all the spoilers.

  8. Not so. Before Hogan & Bischoff got there to start f*cking things up, TNA had an average rating of 1.14 in 2009. When the Hogan/Bischoff era officially took off in 2010, ratings dropped to 1.06. 2011 was actually TNA’s peak ratings year where they got an average rating of 1.17 but that was also when the Knockouts Division & Tag Team Division were at their best and the X Division was still getting adequate attention. If anything, they did well in 2011 in spite of the Hogan/Bischoff effect but when they really started throwing their weight around the ratings promptly went down to 1.02 in 2012 then to 0.99 in 2013 before Spike threw them off. TNA did NOT do well because of Hogan. They’re still paying for his mistakes by having to bounce around to lower rated networks.

  9. Yes Dixie & company hired Hogan & Bischoff and is equally to blame but you can’t blame only Dixie. That’s like only blaming the drug user and not blaming the drug dealer. Dixie didn’t learn from history and therefore was doomed to repeat it. History being the downfall of WCW which was repeated in her company by many of the same people who caused it.

  10. Personally, I stopped watching in 2009 after they dropped the ball with Joe’s title reign, and some other stuff I didn’t care for. But I was never a big Van Dam fan after 2006, and I wasn’t watching them for the Knockouts anyway.

  11. As they get deeper into the taped episodes….ratings go down each week. It happens every time. They really need to do more “live shows”. Ratings are good for the 1st two weeks; then downward spiral.

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