Tyrus sitting out GFW Impact TV tapings, YouTube views milestone


GFW star sitting out Impact TV tapings

GFW star Tyrus (former WWE star Brodus Clay) posted the following video to Twitter on Wednesday evening announcing he would be sitting out the upcoming Impact TV tapings for Pop TV that run in Orlando from Thursday through next Tuesday.

Tyrus, who started working with Fox News as a contributor in the last year, stated he has been “handcuffed” and treated like a “second class citizen” at many tapings this year.

“I’m not happy creatively with how Impact has been treating me. Been playing phone tag all day with them. I just (don’t) have time for it. I’m about to get my Kaepernick on and take a knee. So I will not be at TNA tapings this week because I’m on hold out status.”

You can check out the full video below.

YouTube views milestone

Impactwrestling.com announced that the company’s YouTube channel has now reached 1 billion views as of this week. The channel, created in February of 2006, has around 12,500 videos uploaded. April and May was the channels biggest months of all time.