Jim Cornette

GFW posted this interview with Jim Cornette backstage at tonight’s Destination X edition of Impact on Pop TV where Cornette made his return to the company.

Cornette talked about firing Bruce Prichard from his authority role on Thursday night and the new direction of the GFW Unified World Championship going forward.

Thursday marked Cornette’s first appearance for the company since 2009.

You can check out the interview below courtesy of GFW.


  1. O_O I…really don’t know what to think about this. Jim Cornette is one of the LAST people I ever expected to see back in TNA/GFW after all the sh*t he’s said about the company over the years since he was let go. I don’t know if it’s all a work or a shoot or a little of both but anything that gets Prichard’s stupid, ugly, useless, misogynistic, incompetent camera-hogging ass of TV & out of GFW would be a definite plus for the company. Whether or not Cornette can right the sinking ship remains to be seen.

  2. from what i read prichard wanted to be more involved behind the scenes which is why they hired cornette to take on the on screen gm role. i honestly like cornette as the on screen gm. GFW needed a guy like cornette to fill the role.

  3. I’ve never questioned Corny’s mic work but anything creative he touches, well…on top of that it’s not like he’ll be handling anything creative as Jarrett is too engaged to let that happen so either way I just see this as them rehashing something old and given Cornette’s inability to get along with almost anybody, I question the sanity of this move and how long it will last when they refuse to pay for talent that could help their in-ring wrestling product!

  4. Yep..agree…Jarret is stuck in his ways….Anthem is clueless…and JJ is the master at no accountability/passing the blame.

  5. I have high hopes…Although I can’t see Jarret doing much more than having the classic “cant get along with others” guy in the biz to blame for his troubles.

  6. Cornette is sort of the guy who shows up in a promotion and then you know it won’t grow. He’s entertaining to listen to, but I doubt his decisions have drawn any time after the early 1980s.

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