Tyrus announces departure from GFW

Tyrus confirmed his departure from GFW on Twitter on Friday night.

He had announced earlier in the week that he would be sitting out the ongoing TV tapings for Pop TV in Orlando this week feeling like he wasn’t being utilized to his best ability.

Jim Cornette makes his return

GFW has posted video of Jim Cornette’s surprising return on Thursday night.


  1. Cornette was already there about 10 years ago, and nothing amazing happened with the ratings. If anything it was because of Kurt Angle, not Cornette.

  2. And GFW loses another one. Fox News is a more steady gig for him anyway and he’s very good there. Best of luck to you Brodus..um..Tyrus.

  3. George Murdoch has in my opinion always had potential…he never really had a chance to develop, i.e. got Vinced and and so on in TNA due to his size and mobility. He is a classic example of a person who could have made great headway in the old school territory system.

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