Anthem and GFW have have to terms on a new agreement with Pop TV to continue carrying Impact in 2018 according to a report by The Wrestling Observer Newsletter.

Impact has been on the network since 2016 after a rough two years for the company in it’s prior regime under TNA Wrestling. Impact was pushed off Spike TV in late 2014 after a nearly 10 year run on the network. The company then announced a TV deal with Destination America that barely lasted a full year before announcing in November of 2015 that they had come to terms with the CBS Corporation to run the show on Pop TV.

All first-run editions of Impact in 2016 averaged 310,000 viewers, with that number dipping to an average of 292,000 viewers in 2017 so far. Pop TV is currently estimated to be in around 73.8 million homes in the United States. The company’s current television deals in the UK (Spike TV) and India (Sony Six) were described as the “main revenue source” when it comes to television distribution as things stand right now.

The company is continuing to operate on a very limited budget under Anthem, with the latest set of TV tapings being a prime example where they taped enough TV to get them to the first week of November for the upcoming Bound for Glory PPV. reached out to GFW about this report and Anthem declined to comment.