Impact “Homecoming” Results – 7/31/21 (Impact+ Special, King and Queen Tournament)

Impact Wrestling “Homecoming” Results
August 1, 2021

Nashville, TN
Results by: Josh Boutwell of

Impact Wrestling returned to Impact+ on July 31 for “Homecoming” and in all honestly, this is the first full event I’ve watched from Impact since the COVID-19 pandemic began. Tonight’s even features a Homecoming King and Queen Intergender Tag Team Tournament, plus an X-Division Championship match.

King and Queen Tournament Quarterfinals
“Super Mex” Hernandez & Alisha Edwards w/Johnny Swinger vs. “The Virtuosa” Deonna Purrazzo &0 “The Drama King” Matthew Rehwoldt (fka Aiden English)

Rehwoldt is the former Aiden English making his Impact debut and his most high-profile post WWE appearance. He cut an entertaining promo before the match talking about him being a “masterpiece” that was held behind lock and key and now he is going to be crowned. Matt Striker threw out a nice pun saying that he didn’t “need an aid in English (Aiden English)” on that promo.

Purrazzo and Alisha worked well together when they were in there and I think Purrazzo has to be considered one of the top female wrestlers in the world right now. She even wrestled Hernandez and got in some offense. English wasn’t really known for his in-ring work and he primarily sold in this match. Hernandez got hot and hit all his big spots on Rehwoldt including the Super Mex dive. Alisha also hit a Plancha onto the pile of humanity. In the end, Rehwoldt pinned Hernandez with a modified DDT after kicking Hernandez as he tried to get back in the ring.

Winners: Rehwoldt & Purrazzo via pinfall (DDT)
(This was a fine match. Rehwoldt didn’t do much in his debut but getting a pin there was a solid win. **)

King and Queen Tournament Quarterfinals
“Thicc Mama Pump” Jordynne Grace & “Little Petey Pump” Petey Williams vs. Matt Cardona & Chelsea Green

Grace and Petey wore matching chainmail head dresses to the ring and red and gold tights. Cardona comes into this tournament white hot after his appearance in GCW last week, and as the GCW Heavyweight Champion. It’s been refreshing to see Cardona play a heel. Cardona taunted Petey’s size early on but he couldn’t do that with Grace. Grace and Petey hit a Double Suplex on Cardona and laid both he and Green with clotheslines.

Petey and Grace constantly tried to speed the match up and it was fast-paced when they were in control, while Cardona and Green slowed things down when on offense and tried to ground the Steiner disciples. Green strung together a big sequence of moves that included a Ripcord Elbow and a Curb Stomp but Petey cut her off and went for the Canadian Destroyer. Cardona stopped Petey and then both he and Chelsea hit Radio Silences on Petey and Grace.

Chelsea went for a Canadian Destroyer on Petey but Petey blocked it and then he and Grace went for Double Canadian Destroyers only for Cardona and Green to counter. They both locked Cardona and Green in Double Steiner Recliners but Cardona fought to his feet and backed Petey into the corner. Grace dropped hers and threw Cardona to the floor. Petey hit a Tope Suicida on Cardona on the outside but Green caught Grace with an Unprettier for the pin.

Winners: Green & Cardona via pinfall (Unprettier)
(Good tag team match from two natural teams, which is always better than random wrestlers thrown together. ***)

After the match, Steve Maclin (fka Steve Cutler) hit the ring and attacked Petey Williams.

W. Morrissey cut a promo about Eddie Edwards backstage. Morrissey says that the reason Eddie wants him a No DQ Match is because he knows he can’t beat him in a wrestling match.

King and Queen Tournament Quarterfinals
Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering vs. Brian Myers & Missy Hyatt w/Sam Beale

Dreamer and Ellering wore Road Warriors paint and shirts to the ring. Myers’ heel turn – like his buddy Cardona – has been a breath of fresh air for him, too. Myers’ manager Sam Beale brought in Missy Hyatt to be Myers’ partner and Myers looked completely confused. Hyatt wore jeans and a blouse, with a purse, to the ring. She’s incredibly skinny now and her face looks completely different than even a few years ago.

Hyatt says she isn’t a wrestler and says she didn’t agree to a match but Beale tells her it will be fine. Hyatt has to take her heels off and wrestle the match in her bare feet. Myers tags Hyatt early in the match but she pretty quickly tags Myers back in the ring. Myers managed to hit an Elevated DDT on Dreamer for a nearfall. Dreamer tried to tag out but Hyatt decided that she was done and walked up the ramp. Dreamer and Ellering hit the Doomsday Device on Myers for the pin.

Winners: Dreamer & Ellering via pinfall (Doomsday Device)
(This was pretty much what you would expect here. There were some funny comedy spots but for the most part it was a glorified squash. *)

Eric Young and Violent By Design cut a promo about failure. Young asks his troops what they have learned about failure and Deaner says failure gives him the opportunity of redemption. Eric Young is really good in this role. His psycho character in Impact was great before he went to that place up north and he’s pretty much continued it with this group. It’s also really great to see Joe Doering finally getting a chance to shine on American TV.

King and Queen Tournament Quarterfinals
Decay (Crazzy Steve & Rosemary) vs. Fallah Bahh & Tasha Steelz

Steve looks like he’s put on a good deal of muscle. The fans chanted “bite her face off” to Steve when Tasha got in the match but Steve asked Rosemary to do it instead. She tried but Steelz wasn’t ready to let someone eat her face. Rosemary dared Bahh to hit her and when he finally obliged she fell back only to sit back up and freak Bahh out.

Bahh went for a Samoan Drop but Rosemary raked his eyes and Steve hit a series of dropkicks to Bahh’s legs. Bahh went for a Bonsai Splash but Steve moved and both Rosemary and Steelz tagged in. Rosemary hit a T-Bone Suplex on Steelz and went for a Butterfly Suplex but Steelz countered with a series of kicks. Rosemary put Steelz in the Upside Down and Bahh Splashed Steelz by mistake. Steve hit the King Kill 33 (Diving DDT) on Bahh off the top for the pin.

Winners: Decay via pinfall (King Kill 33)
(I’m just not into Fallah Bahh’s act at all. Decay is great and Steve looks like he’s in impressive shape. *1/2)

Steve Maclin cuts a promo on Petey Williams and says that Petey keeps sticking his nose in his business and though he had his crosshairs set on the X-Division Title, he’s moved them over to Petey now.

Willie Mack w/Rich Swann vs. Deaner w/VBD

They went back-and-forth early on but then Deaner took control and worked Mack over on the outside. Deaner went for a dive off the top but Mack caught him in midair with a T-Bone Suplex to start his comeback. Mack showed off his athleticism and hit all his spots including a Samoan Drop and Standing Moonsault but he couldn’t put Deaner away.

Mack went up top but Deaner crotched him and hit a Flying Knee to Mack as he was laying on the top rope. Deaner hit a Pull-Up Powerbomb out of the corner for a nearfall. Mack came back with a Pop-Up Forearm for a nearfall of his own. Mack missed the Stunner allowing Deaner to hit a Rolling Neckbreaker for another nearfall. Mack hit a big Spinebuster but Deaner still kicks out. Mack eventually hit a Superplex off the top but missed a Frog Splash. Deaner went for his finisher but Mack countered into the Stunner and it looked like he had the pin but Rhino put Deaner’s foot on the bottom rope.

Swan hits a Somersault Plancha off the apron onto Rhino and as the referee is distracted, Eric Young hits Mack with a flag allowing Deaner to hit a Spike DDT for the pin.

Winner: Deaner via pinfall (Spike DDT)
(Willie Mack is so great. He’s a guy that I hope one day gets a shot to run with the World Title. Deaner also held his own here. His role in VBD is much better than his old redneck Cody Deaner gimmick. ***)

In the back, Cardona and Green talk about being undefeated as a team.

King and Queen Tournament Semifinals
Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Chelsea Green & Matt Cardona

Matt Striker points out how Green’s long arms and legs may have been an advantage in the first round but could be a disadvantage against someone like Purrazzo who likes using submissions, nice touch. Green tried to catch Purrazzo early with a series of pin attempts but Purrazzo quickly took control with her power advantage and went after Green’s left arm, which is in a cast.

Cardona and Rehwoldt both come in and Rehwoldt gets in a bit more offense than he did in the first round. Cardona clotheslines Rehwoldt to the outside and hits a Flying Dropkick through the ropes followed by a Baseball Slide from Green to Purrazzo. Green went for a Cross Body Block in the ring but Rehwoldt ducked causing Cardona to fly through the ropes to the concrete.

Cardona countered a Suplex attempt with a Neckbreaker but Deonna knocked Green off the apron keeping Cardona from tagging out. She and Rehwoldt double teamed Cardona in their corner until he still managed to fight them off and make the hot tag. Green hits a Ripcord Elbow and Punt Kick but Rehwoldt broke up the pin attempt. Green hit a Curb Stomp on Purrazzo but Rehwoldt blind tagged her and went for Green’s own Unprettier.

Cardona tagged Green and went for the Radio Silence but Purrazzo grabbed his boot. Green and Purrazzo kick each other outside and Rehwoldt counters the Rough Ryder into a Powerbomb followed by a DDT for the pin.

Winners: Purrazzo & Rehwoldt via pinfall (DDT)
(Another good tag match here and Rehwoldt showed more of his ability in the ring there than I think I’ve seen from him since he was in NXT. ***)

Brian Myers bitches at Missy Hyatt backstage and asks how she could have been in the wrestling business for 100 years and never even learned a wristlock. Hyatt runs off all the names of wrestlers she’s managed and she says they all had one thing that Myers doesn’t; originality. She slapped Beal and called him a “stupid mark” when he went for a kiss.

King and Queen Tournament Semifinals
Decay vs. Tommy Dreamer & Rachael Ellering

Both teams go back-and-forth to start with Rosemary and Ellering coming to a stalemate and then Steve and Dreamer coming to a stalemate. Dreamer and Steve even did some nice mat wrestling. Dreamer, Steve, Rosemary and Ellering all start biting each other’s hands at one point. Dreamer hits the DDT on Steve but Rosemary broke up a pin attempt.

Dreamer attempts a Cutter but Steve counters into a series of strikes capped off with a Cannonball in the corner. He gets a nearfall but Ellering broke up the pin. Dreamer caught Steve out of nowhere with a Cutter for two and then he and Ellering go for the Doomsday Device but Rosemary tosses Ellering off the top. Rosemary Spears Ellering but Dreamer Piledrives her and sidesteps a diving Steve. Dreamer goes for a DVD but Steve counters with a rollup for the pin.

Winners: Decay via pinfall (rollup)
(Another really good tag team match with two teams that really worked well together. ***)

Backstage, Eddie Edwards talks trash about Morrissey and his “broken image.” Edwards says the difference between them is that Morrissey came here to fix his image, while Edwards is home where he has always wanted to be. Alisha walks up and hands Edwards his kendo sticks and tells him to end this tonight.

Impact X-Division Championship
“The Walking Weapon” Josh Alexander (c) vs. Black Taurus w/Havok

This is the match that I’ve been looking forward to seeing as Alexander is a super hot streak right now and I love Taurus. The two try to show off their strength early on but Alexander quickly decides his best bet is to go for submissions. Every time he goes for a submission Taurus is able to counter, though. Taurus hits a Snap Powerslam for two as he tries to speed things up. Alexander hits a Bridging Northern Lights Suplex for two as Taurus came off the ropes.

Taurus hits a Bulldog and Pump Handle Backbreaker for a nearfall. Taurus blatantly chokes Alexander in the corner and then chokes him on the rope before standing on his throat. Taurus and Alexander exchange uppercuts and Taurus catches Alexander with a Shoulderbreaker and goes to work on that arm.

Alexander manages to catch Taurus with an Inside Cradle but Taurus goes back to work on Alexander in the corner. Taurus goes for a Brainbuster but Alexander counters into a suplex only for Taurus to toss him to the floor. Taurus then hits a beautiful Tope Tornillo onto Alexander on the floor. Alexander caught a Cartel Kick and hits a series of Rolling German Suplexes for a nearfall.

Taurus attempted a Monkey Flip but Alexander flung him over the top to the floor and then Alexander hit a Flying Cross Body through the ropes to Taurus as Taurus attempted to get back in the ring. In the ring, Alexander hits a Diving Moonsault for two. Alexander goes for the Spike but Taurus counters with a Springboard Corkscrew Cross Body a Spear for two.

Taurus goes for the Taurus Driver but Alexander counters and goes for the Ankle Lock only for Taurus to roll through sending Alexander into the corner. Alexander immediately grabs Taurus’ leg and puts him back in the Ankle Lock. Taurus breaks it up with an Enziguri and a Slingblade for a nearfall. Taurus lifts Alexander up to the top for a Frankensteiner but Alexander blocks it and hits a Super Rolling Fireman’s Carry!

Taurus and Alexander exchange strikes that Taurus caps off with a Headbutt that sends Alexander reeling into the corner. Taurus goes up top but Alexander trips him off only for Taurus to come back with a Spinning Lariat as Alexander bounced off the ropes. Taurus charges into a knee from Alexander and then a Forearm Smash. Alexander hits a Backbreaker Bomb followed by the C4 Spike for the pin!

Winner & STILL X-Division Champ: Alexander via pifnall (C4 Spike)
(These two guys are awesome and this match was as good as I expected. I think with a lot of these Impact+ specials – in the past – some of the matches have felt like house show matches where the guys can sometimes be on cruise control but these two went all out. I think Taurus is someone that should certainly get a run with the X-Division Title at some point, right now is not the time. Alexander is so hot and I think he is one of the best wrestlers on the planet right now. The run he’s been on since Ethan Page left Impact has been stellar. I thought he may end up sort of falling into midcard purgatory once Page left but he has really stepped it up and showed that he is a future World Champion. ****)

King and Queen Tournament Finals
Deonna Purrazzo & Matthew Rehwoldt vs. Decay

The story they told early on was that Rehwoldt and Purrazzo were weirded out by Decay’s antics (like biting them, for example) but Purrazzo managed to take control on Rosemary. She hit a Flatliner on Rosemary for a nearfall but then both girls clothesline each other at the same time.

Steve and Rehwoldt tag in and Steve uses his speed to get the advantage on the former Aiden English. Steve hits a Cannonball on Rehwoldt in the corner for two. Rehwoldt avoids a diving Steve and hits a Fireman’s Carry Slam for two. Rehwoldt Superkicks Steve but Steve just sits back up and tries to bite him only for Purrazzo to cut him off. Steve and Rosemary elbow them and then they both put Purrazzo and Rehwoldt in Upside Downs in opposite corners.

Steve tags Rosemary and Rosemary hits a Flying Cross Body for two. Purrazzo tags herself in as Rosemary hits a Spear on Rehwoldt. Purrazzo misses a Pump Kick and Rosemary hits a Scorpion Death Drop for two. Rehwaldt hangs Rosemary up in the ropes but then eats a Plancha from Steve, who starts holding his leg. Purrazzo hits the Queen’s Gambit on Rosemary for the pin.

Winners: Purrazzo and Rehwoldt via pinfall (Queen’s Gambit)
(Impact seems to be going all in on Rehwoldt here. They did a great job of letting him do some comedy stuff but treating him like a threat and seriously, and not like a joke. He showed that he can get it done in the ring, as well. Purrazzo was fantastic all tournament long, too. ***)

Main Event
Hardcore Match

W. Morrissey vs. “The Lone Wolf” Eddie Edwards

Morrissey jumped Eddie as he came in the ring but Eddie came back with a couple of shots from a trashcan lid. Morrissey grabs Edwards by the throat and tosses him over the top rope. He throws some weapons in the ring and beats Eddie all around ringside. Eddie is able to catch Morrissey with a Blue Thunder Bomb but Eddie only able to get a one count.

Eddie sets a table up at ringside but Morrissey kicks a trashcan into Eddie’s face. Morrissey tosses a chair and a chain in the ring before hitting a Splash on Eddie in the corner. Morrissey chokes Eddie with the chain but Eddie fights him off with some elbows only for Morrissey to use the chain to slam Eddie down to the mat. Morrissey chokes Eddie with a chair and then lays a pile of trashcan lids and piles in the ring as he lifts Eddie up to the top rope.

Morrissey climbs up with Eddie and tries to Superplex him into the pile of plunder but Eddie fight shim off and hits a Sunset Super Bomb on Morrissey off the top onto the chairs and trashcan lids for a nearfall. Morrissey rolls to the floor and Edwards follows him with a Tope Suicida but Morrissey caught him in midair. Edwards grabbed a trashcan lid and hit Morrissey with it repeatedly only for Morrissey to catch him with a knee to the gut.

They brawl up the ramp to the stage where Morrissey goes for a Powerbomb only for Edwards to backdrop him on the ramp. Edwards then charges down the ramp into a Spinebuster from Morrissey onto the ring apron. Morrissey sets the ring steps up on the ramp and slams Eddie into them. Morrissey tosses Eddie back in the ring and pulls a ladder out. Morrissey lays the ladder between the ring steps and the ring apron building a sort of bridge. Edwards hits a Tope Suicida sending Morrissey into the barricade.

Eddie pulls his kendo stick, Kenny, out and drills Morrissey with it. Edwards climbs up top but Morrissey Big Boots Edwards causing him to fall backward through the table at ringside that was set up earlier. It looked like Edwards may have either hit his head or his shoulder on the barricade, too. Morrissey drags Eddie onto the apron to try and slam him through the ladder but Eddie knocks Morrissey off the apron. Edwards dives onto Morrissey but he catches Eddie and Chokeslams him onto the ladder!

Morrissey pulls out another table and sets it up in the ring. Morrissey whips Eddie with a trashcan lid and zip ties Eddie’s hands together. Morrissey hits Eddie with a kendo stick repeatedly and then goes for a Big Boot but Edwards moves and throws himself at Morrissey sending him crashing through the table that Morrissey set up.

Edwards breaks the zip tie and starts wearing Morrissey out with his kendo stick. Edwards grabs the chain and wraps it around his knee before hitting the Boston Knee Party for the pin!

Winner: Edwards via pinfall (Boston Knee Party)
(We’ve seen a lot of good hardcore wrestling in the past few weeks but I think this match was right up there with anything else. The one complaint I would have is that they really didn’t have any nearfalls down the stretch to build towards the finish. Still, both guys worked hard and Edwards took some ridiculous bumps. Morrissey has busted his ass to reinvent himself and I’m happy for hima s he seems to have done just that. ***1/2)

Homecoming was a solid wrestling show and one of the better Impact+ events I’ve seen. The final three matches were stellar and there wasn’t really anything truly bad. I think Impact should be commended for the roster they have built in the last six months or so. They have a really good mixture of veteran wrestlers, young wrestlers, high flyers, brawlers, technical wrestler and women.