Former IMPACT star is suing the company for $5 million in compensatory damages

According to public records from the Circuit Court of Davidson County, Tennessee, former IMPACT Wrestling star Michael Elgin is suing IMPACT Wrestling.

Elgin, who’s real name is Aaron Frobel, as per the court records, is seeking “not less than $5 million in compensatory damages” from IMPACT Wrestling. He is accusing the promotion of material breach of contract.

The lawsuit is pertaining to his termination from IMPACT back in June of 2020 after sexual assault allegations were made against him that resulting from the Speaking Out Movement.

Elgin claims that he had a conversation with IMPACT Wrestling Executive Vice President Scott D’Amore in June of 2020, pertaining to his suspension and an investigation into the allegations that were made against him. In the lawsuit, Elgin alleges that D’Amore had told him that there would be no investigation into the allegations. IMPACT had stated that they removed him from all programming.

An email from Scott D’Amore from back in December 2020, which has been entered into the lawsuit as an exhibit, states that Elgin’s removal was not based on any investigation.

The email from D’Amore to Elgin says the following:

“The company’s decision not to utilize you in further programming was not based on any investigation beyond the public disclosures (and your responses thereto) at the time.”

In addition, Elgin further alleges that IMPACT had canceled a scheduled appearance in December 2020 with Pro Wrestling NOAH, and that his reputation was also damaged in Japan.

Elgin was arrested last July after he violated a protection order that was filed by his ex-fiancé.

He released a 15 minute video on YouTube, explaining the lawsuit he filed against IMPACT Wrestling, which you can watch in its entirety below: