Backstage notes from the TNA Wrestling talent meeting on Saturday night

TNA Wrestling held a talent meeting backstage at the television tapings on Saturday night.

According to Fightful Select, the meeting featured some of the new executives within the company who are now in charge and also included some familiar faces that TNA talent will answer to going forward. It was also said that some talent had spoken with higher-ups one-on-one.

The report also notes the general overview was that nobody wanted the roster to abandon all the hard work they have accomplished together, even if they do not agree with Anthem’s decision of terminating former TNA Wrestling President Scott D’Amore.

Fightful Select said that one top name within TNA was looking to actually leave the company as a result of D’Amore’s firing, but decided to work this weekends TV events to see how the the meeting would turn out before deciding if they were going to actually quit.

Furthermore, the report notes that TNA Wrestling’s new higher-ups were said to be open to feedback from the talent roster. Many talent in TNA said that while they disagreed with the decision to terminate D’Amore, those who held and facilitated the meeting did a good job of getting the talent excited about the possibilities for the company going forward.

The report concluded by saying that there a several within TNA Wrestling that are still hoping D’Amore will come back to the company at some point, which is said will not be happening anytime in the future.