IMPACT Rebellion Results – 4/16/23 (Four Title Matches, Hardcore War)

IMPACT Rebellion Results
April 16, 2023
Rebel Entertainment Complex (Toronto, Canada)
Results by: Jerome Wilen of

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We open up with a video package hyping tonight’s show.

Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt welcome us to the sold-out Rebel Entertainment Complex in Toronto, Canada. The set up in the venue looks really great. The lighting looks good and the crowd is hot!

Ultimate X for the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship Match: The Motor City Machine Guns (Chris Sabin and Alex Shelley) vs. Ace Austin and Chris Bey (c)

The bell rings and here we go. MCMG have both Bey and Austin the corner and they are stomping away. Austin and Bey recover and take out the MCMG. Ace drops Sabin with a Russian leg sweep. Shelley is down and he is begging Austin and Bey not to hit him. Austin slaps Shelley with a chop to the chest. Austin and Bey leap over the top and land on Shelley who is on the outside. Bey attempted to climb the cable, but was pulled down by Sabin. Austin is up on the tress trying to climb, but Shelley pulls him down. Sabin grabs Austin and then Shelley kicks Austin in the mid-section. On the outside, Shelley and Bey are on the outside. Austin climbs on the truss as Sabin climbs up and rams Austin’s arm through the truss. Shelley has Bey locked up in a figure four as Austin breaks it up. Bey and Austin double team Shelley, but he takes them both down with a double clothesline. Sabin was on the cable, but pulled down by Bey. Everyone is down. Shelley kicks Shelley in the chest, but Shelley challenges Bey, who then drops Shelley with a huge DDT. Bey and Shelley are up on the truss and then both drop to the mat. Austin takes out Shelley and then lands a huge kick to Sabin’s face. Austin then leaps over the top and takes out the MCMG on the floor and the fans go crazy! Bey then stomps on Sabin’s back as Austin climbs the truss and is hanging on the cable and crawls to the middle, but loses his grip and falls hard to the mat.

Everyone is down. All four members are up and start to climb as they are in the center holding on. All four men lose grips and fall to the mat. Bey and Austin double kick the MCMG’s. Austin sends Bey up on the cables. Bey has one title and is trying to unhook them. Bay gets on title and then drops the other title as Austin catches it to retain.


We go to a vignette with Steve Maclin says being in Canada sucks and the whole situation sucks. He says he spend one year studying Josh Alexander. He said he came from a dirt hole in Afghanistan. He said you are looking at the next IMPACT World Champion.

Video package airs of The Design with Sami Callihan and the steps he has to go through to join the faction.

Hendry grabs a mic and hypes up the match and makes fun of Deaner. Hendry says he is in the building. Hendry introduces Santino Marella who is stepping back into the wrestling ring for the first time in nine years.

The Design vs. Director of Authority Santino Marella, Dirty Dango and Impact Digital Media Champion Joe Hendry

Dango and Angels start things off. Dango has Angels locked up. Dango tags in Marella to a big ovation. Marella takes down Angels with an arm drag. Marella tries to hit Angels with the cobra as the fans begin to chant “Cobra.” Marella goes after Deaner who enters the ring, then is taken out from behind by Angels. Angels then stomps on Marella and puts him in a headlock and directs it to Marella’s son Marco who is at ringside. Marella counters and then dumps Angels and makes a tag to Hendry who then takes out Deaner who is tagged in. Hendry then picks up Callihan and drops him. Kon comes in as Hendry has him up, but is met by a kick from Angels. Deaner is tagged in and takes down Hendry. Hendry recovers and takes down Deaner. Hendry tags in Dango who drops Callihan after he was tagged in.

Kon tries to interfere, but Dango fights him off, but the numbers game is too much as Kon is tagged in. Kon picks up Dango and drops him down hard on the mat. Kon nails Dango with a huge elbow to the face. Dango is in the corner of The Design and they all stomp on Dango. Angels is tagged in and Dango is kept to the corner of The Design. Angels cheap shots Dango as Marella is tagged in and he takes down Deaner, but is clobbered from behind by Kon. Dango is back in but is hit with a sliced bread by Angels. Callihan then comes in and takes down Hendry. Dango flips over the top rope and takes out Callihan and Angels who were on the outside. Callihan and Deaner are in the ring, as Deaner gets a bat and hands the bat to Callihan and wants him to hit Marella who is down. Callihan looks like he is going to hit Marella, but instead nails Deaner as he walks off! The crowd goes wild! Marella gets up as Deaner is down. Marella pulls out the cobra sock and nails Deaner and covers him as the ref comes in from the outside to count 1, 2, 3!


We got to a backstage interview with Gia Miller talking with Team Dreamer. Tommy talks about his mom having a brain bleed during Easter weekend. He said that his mom can’t watch him tonight. He says that Frankie Kazarian is going through the same thing with his family. Tommy says he standing with a group of people he wants to be around and says that it’s about creating moments. He said that after tonight he going away for awhile and thanks everyone for supporting him, says that tonight the this war ends and then walks off.

Last Rites Match: PCO vs. Eddie Edwards

The bells ring and here we go and PCO launches himself at Edwards who is on the outside. Edwards headbutts PCO, but PCO comes back with huge chops and then tosses Edwards in the ring who then leaps through the ropes and crushes PCO into the barricade. Edwards then hits PCO with huge chops. The action goes into the ring as Edwards hits PCO with chops and slaps to the face, but it has no effect on PCO. Edwards charges at PCO and then hits him with and elbow, which has no effect on PCO. Edwards then tries to drop PCO, but he counters and drops Edwards on the back of his neck as the fans start to chant PCO.

PCO has Edwards on the apron and then climbs to the top and drops himself onto Edwards and hits the floor, but gets back up! PCO pushes Edwards back in the ring and then tosses Edwards out of the ring as he hits the casket. Edwards nails PCO in the shoulder as he holds it in pain as it looks like PCO dislocated his shoulder for real. The fans begin to chant Boston sucks – directed at Edwards. PCO gets back up to his feet and then goes to the outside and puts his shoulder back in place by slamming it against the ring post. PCO then enters back in the ring and tells Edwards to bring it as Edwards chop the heck out PCO’s chest! Both men exchange slaps to the face. Edwards covers his face. Edwards then picks up PCO and drops him with a buckle bomb, but PCO is up and hits Edwards with a reverse DDT! PCO climbs to the top and hits Edwards with a huge moonsault! PCO picks up Edwards and is dumped on the ramp by the casket, but Edwards falls to the floor to boos. PCO then does a flip onto Edwards from the ramp. The ref opens the caskets, but Edwards kicks PCO, but Edwards is choke slammed on the ramp. PCO is up on the ring apron and slams Edwards head multiple times on the casket. Edwards is down as he finds enough to kick PCO in the head as PCO drops to the floor. Edwards picks up PCO and is trying to put PCO in the casket, but PCO fights back as both men battle on the stage area. Edwards grabs the kendo stick and hits PCO in the head and then smashes PCO’s head in the corner of the casket as he is split open. Edwards gets PCO in the casket, but he blocks the lid from being shut with his arm. Alisha hits PCO from behind with a shovel, but it has no effect. Edwards then attempts to kicks PCO, but he ducks and hits Alisha instead. PCO then choke slams Edwards into the casket and shuts the lid.


We to a failed backstage segment with an interview attempt with Trey Miguel, but it was cut off due to audio issues on IMPACT’s end.

The owners of Anthem Sports and Entertainment are shown at ringside (front row) with Scott D’Amore.

Triple Threat Elimination Match for the IMPACT X-Division Championship: Mike Bailey vs. Jonathan Gresham vs. Trey Miguel (c)

The bell rings and here we go! All three men attempt to lock up. All men are tied up like a knot as all holds are broken. Miguel kicks Gresham, but then Gresham and Bailey work together to take down Miguel. Bailey and Gresham lock up as Miguel is on the outside watching. Both Gresham and Bailey see that Miguel attempts to take them out with a leap, but his met with a kick by both men. Miguel takes down Bailey and sends him to the outside. Miguel locks up Gresham, but breaks it to kick Bailey who tries to enter back into the ring. Miguel and Gresham are locked up. Bailey recovers and hits Gresham and then nails Miguel with kicks and covers him for the three, but only gets a two count! Bailey drops Miguel on his neck and then locks up Gresham in a figure four leg lock, but its broken up by Miguel. Bailey and Gresham exchange blows and Bailey then kicks Miguel and continues to hit Gresham with elbows. Bailey is taken down and Gresham works on Miguel and then nails Bailey as he comes back into the ring. Bailey then takes Gresham out who is down. Miguel then is taken down by Bailey and both men go to the outside. Both Miguel and Bailey climb back into the ring as Gresham is back up. Miguel hits a cutter on Bailey on the floor!

Miguel then leaps up and hits Gresham with a cutter in the middle of the ring! He covers Gresham for the three count, but Gresham kicks out! Bailey then comes back in and hits Miguel as Gresham grabs Bailey and has him in a figure four. Miguel then leaps from the top rope and stomps on the chest of Gresham and covers him for the pin to eliminate him.

Bailey now has Miguel in figure four leg lock, but its reversed by Miguel as both men are exchanging blows as the figure four is still locked in. The hold is broken as Bailey gets up limping. Miguel tells Bailey to bring it as they both exchange huge chops to the chest. Miguel and Bailey now exchange kicks and Bailey takes down MIguel with a huge kick. Bailey covers Miguel, but only gets a two count. Both men spill to the floor. Bailey tosses Miguel back into the ring as Bailey is on top rope and attempts a flip onto Miguel who moves out of the way. Miguel then rolls up Bailey and grabs a handful of tights to get the win as the ref didn’t see it.


Hardcore War: Team Dreamer (Tommy Dreamer, Frankie Kazarian, Yuya Uemura, Killer Kelly, Bhupinder Gujjar) vs. Team Bully (Bully Ray, Kenny King, Moose, Brian Myers, Masha Slamovich)

Moose and Kazarian start things off. Moose hits Kazarian with a trash can. Moose is on the outside and Kazarian leaps over the top and drops Moose to the floor. There are tables set up on the outside. Kazarian takes Moose out and then rolls him back in the ring. Kazarian hits Moose in the mid-section and then follows up with a slingshot DDT. Kazarian drops Moose back down with a leg drop. As Kazarian attempts to hit Moose with a trash can, Moose kicks it into the face of Kazarian. Moose is then tossed into the corner. Brian Myers is in next. Kazarian takes out both Moose and Myers. Myers trips up Kazarian and Moose follows up with a leg drop to the back of the neck of Kazarian. Myers sets up the tables. As Myers and Moose try to suplex Kazarian, but Guijer comes in and saves Kazarian. He takes out Moose and begins to work on Myers with kicks and punches. Guijer has a cheese grader and grades the forehead of Myers who rolls to the outside. Kazarian hits Moose over the head with a trash can lid. Kenny King comes out next. He has a trash can lid in his hand, but it quickly taken out by Guijer. King recovers and takes out Kazarian and Guijer. King sets up a table between the ring apron and barricade. Killer Kelly comes out next. She steps in the face of King who picks her up, but Kelly has staple gun and staples King’s forehead. Kelly low blows moose and then cheese grades her own head. Why? Masha Slamovich who comes in and hits Kelly in the head with a chair. Myers has Kelly and Kazarian has Slamovich. Both men toss the women to the outside! Yuya Uemura comes out next. He quickly goes after Myers with a series of kicks and then drops him down. Uemura drops Myers with a belly to belly. Kelly is back in the ring. Bully Ray is out next and he has a table in his hands. Kazarian, Kelly, Uemera are in the ring and distracted as team Bully takes out Team Dreamer. Kelly is being held by Team Bully as Bully trash talks her with a chain in his hand. The clocks counts down as Tommy Dreamer comes out. He takes out Myers with a kendo stick and then nails Moose with a kendo sticks in the back of the leg. Bully has Kelly locked up, but she bites Bully Ray’s arm as Dreamer then hits Bully Ray with the kendo stick to the mid-section. Myers then comes back in the ring and chokes out Dreamer. All ten wrestlers are in the ring and have each other locked up in submission holds. Slamovich and Kelly get out of the holds and take out each team with chairs. Kelly has a chair set up and drops Slamovich with a death valley driver onto the chair. Kelly covers Slamovich, but she kicks out at two! Bully Ray thumbs Dreamer in the eyes. Myers drops Uemuera. Kelly has King in a killer clutch, but Slamovich takes out Kelly from behind and then covers her but only gets a two count!

Dreamer and Slamovich are face-to-face. Dreamer picks up Slamovich and hits her with a piledriver. The Good Hands tag team come in to interfere, but its not DQ. Dreamer fights them off. Kazarian brings in a ladder and sets it up in the ring. There are bodies all over the floor. Guijer is sent through a table by Myers. The Good Hands are in the ring who have Kelly on the apron. Kelly fights them off. Kazarian drops one of the Good Hands tag team through a table. In the ring, Bully Ray hits Dreamer with a low-blow. Dreamer’s is set up on the table as he tells the refs to hold the ladder as he tries to climb it. He puts his hand on the refs, but they fight back. Dreamer then drops Bully Ray with a Dreamer driver for the three, but Bully kicks out at two. As Dreamer climbs the ladder, the refs hold it as Bully is on the table. Dreamer leaps down and drops on Bully and gets the three count!


We go to a video package hyping up the World Title Match. Nick Aldis is introduced as the guest commentator for the title match as the fans are stunned. Aldis announces the deal is done and that he is back in IMPACT Wrestling.

Vacant IMPACT World Championship Match: Kushida vs. Steve Maclin

The bell rings and Kushida goes right after Maclin with a kick, but Maclin gets away from the hoverboard lock. Maclin grabs the Canadian flag and tosses it. Maclin is back in the ring as the fans chant Jersey sucks, directed at Maclin who is from New Jersey. Maclin is down on the mat as Kushida has him locked up. Maclin gets out of the hold, but Kushida locks up Maclin again in a headlock and has him down on the mat. Maclin gets to his feet, but Kushida is still holding on and drops Maclin down. Both men are up as the hold is broken. Maclin goes for the legs of Kushida, but he counters and Kushida is attempting a hoverboard lock. Maclin breaks the hold, but Kushida comes back. Maclin counters and grabs the hair of Kushida and nails him with an elbow to the face.

Maclin continues to work on Kushida with stomps to the face. Maclin then picks up Kushida and drops him with a backbreaker. Maclin covers Kushida, but only gets a two count. Maclin goes to the outside and twists Kushida around the ring posts. Maclin then turns to Aldis and jaws at him a bit. Kushida tries to fight back but it met with a suplex on the floor by Maclin. Maclin then goes into the ring and comes out to break the ten count. He then flips off the crowd. Maclin then drops Kushida again on the floor. Maclin rolls Kushida back in the ring and covers him, but Kushida kicks out at two. Maclin then picks up Kushida and drops him with an Olympic slam and covers him, but Kushida kicks out at two. Maclin follows up with a forearm smash on Kushida and covers him, but Kushida gets the shoulder up at two! Maclin has Kushida in choke hold, but Kushida fights back with springboard on Maclin. Kushida then kicks Maclin in the face and then kicks him again in the left elbow. Kushida then drops Maclin with an elbow. Kushida drops Maclin with a fisherman’s buster, but Maclin kicks out at two! Kushida goes to the top, but Maclin comes back and drops him. Maclin then tries to nail Kushida, who moves out of the way and rams his shoulder into the ring post. Both men are on the entrance ramp. Kushida takes out Maclin with a kick and runs up the ramp and back and kicks Maclin in the arm with a running kick. Both men are back in the ring. Maclin drops Kushida as both men are down. Maclin picks up Kushida and drops him with a buckle bomb! Maclin then picks up Kushida and drops him with a huge powerbomb and covers him, but Kushida kicks out at two! Maclin is on the top rope, but Kushida who recovers takes out Maclin with a kick and then has Maclin locked up in an armbar, but Maclin rolls to arpon to break the count. On the outside, Kushida drops Maclin’s head on the corner of the French commentary table. Both men are now back in the ring. Maclin picks up Kushida and drops him with a KIA. Maclin covers Kushida – 1, 2 – NO! Kushida kicks out! Maclin climbs to the top rope as Kushida is down. Maclin flies off the top rope as Kushida locks in the hoverboard lock, but Maclin is able to elbow Kushida to break the hold. Maclin picks up Kushida who locks in the hoverboard again, but Maclin is able to get up and dump Kushida. Kushida comes back again with a hoverboard lock, but Maclin counters and drops Kushida with the KIA and covers Kushida – 1 – 2 -3 NEW CHAMPION!


Post-Match: Maclin grabs a mic and says the ref is not the man that hands him title. He demands that Scott D’Amore hand him the title, because D’Amore said he would hand the title to Maclin if defeated Kushida. D’Amore comes in and demands that D’Amore strap it around his waste. D’Amore hands Maclin the title and Maclin grabs it and then nails D’Amore from behind as he was going to exit the ring. Aldis enters the ring and gets in the face of Maclin who wants no part of Aldis and then walks out and trash talks Aldis from the ramp area.

We go to a video package hyping up the Knockouts Title Match.

Vacant IMPACT Knockouts World Championship Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs. Jordynne Grace

The bell rings and we are off. Both women shake hands as a sign of respect. Grace locks up with Purrazzo. Grace takes down Purrazzo with a headlock. Both women are back up. Grace chops Purrazzo in the corner. Purrazzo grabs Grace’s left arm and pulls on it. Purrazzo continues to hang on to the arm of Grace. Grace comes back with offense, but Purrazzo grabs the arm again. Grace breaks the hold. Purrazzo takes Grace down with an armbar. Purrazzo then kicks Grace in head as she gets back up. Purrazzo then hits a standing moonsault on Grace and covers her, but Grace kicks out at two! Both women are on the apron. Grace headbutts Purrazzo off the apron. Grace then runs through the ropes and nails Purrazzo agains the barricade. Grace then drops Purrazzo with a jackhammer on the floor. Grace tosses Purrazzo back in the ring. Grace picks up Purrazzo and drops her with a scoop slam. Purrazzo is in the corner as Grace nails her in the mid-section. Grace then covers Purrazzo, but only for a two count. Grace then picks up Purrazzo with a stalling suplex as the fans count to 20 as Grace then drops Purrazzo. Grace makes the cover, but Purrazzo gets the shoulder up at two!

Purrazzo comes back with an elbow on Grace and grabs her arm, but Grace fights back with forearms onto Purrazzo. Purrazzo puts her armbar finisher on Grace, but Grace is able to roll out of it. Grace has Purrazzo up as both women are on the ramp as Purrazzo kicks Grace’s arm and hits Grace with moonsault from the ramp to the outside. Purrazzo attempts to pick up Grace, but she counters. Purrazzo then fights back with an armbar lock, but Grace counters and gets out of the hold. Grace then picks up Purrazzo and drops her down. Grace covers Purrazzo, but Purrazzo kicks out at two! Grace attempts a Grace Driver, but Purrazzo counters it and attempts a a leg lock, but Grace kicks Purrazzo in the face. Grace comes back and has Purrazzo in submission headlock. Purrazzo rolls out of it as both women get up and their heads collide, as both women drop to the mat as the ref begins the the ten count. Both women are up (I didn’t catch at when in the count). Grace hits Purrazzo with open palm strikes, but Purrazzo fights back and has her Fujiwara armbar submission hold on Grace! Grace is able to get to the bottom rope to break the hold. Both women are up. Grace is holding onto the top rope as Grace comes drops Purrazzo with a spinebuster and cover her – 1 – 2 – NO! Purrazzo kicks out! Grace then comes back with blows on Purrazzo. Grace then picks up Purrazzo and drops her with a huge Grace Driver! Grace covers Purrazzo – 1 – 2 – NO! Purrazzo kicks out! Both women are on the top rope. Purrazzo is fighting with everything she has and drops Grace with a Queens Gambit and covers Grace to get the pin!


After the match, Purrazzo shows respect to Grace as they embrace. Grace leaves the ring as Purrazzo celebrates in the ring. The show then goes off the air.

Jerome’s thoughts: This was not a bad pay-per-view from IMPACT. It certainly wasn’t their best either. The sold out crowd was engaged the entire night, which was good. After the mess Nick Aldis was in with the NWA, it’s good to see him back in the company. Having Steve Maclin as the new World Champion was predictable. This was the first time I actually saw Kushida wrestle and I was impressed. With Aldis confronting Maclin post match, Aldis is now in the chase for the title. I don’t know how long IMPACT will keep the title on Maclin as I don’t see him as top draw. However, IMPACT had to do something with the unfortunate injury of Josh Alexander. If they can build Maclin as a credible heel champion, he might have the title until Bound for Glory in October. If, not, I see Aldis as the new champion at Slammiversary in July. I was excited to see IMPACT put the Knockouts Title back on Deaonna Purrazzo. It was unfortunate for Mickie James the way she had to relinquish the title. With her husband now in IMPACT, I can see Mickie sticking around. She has a lot to offer to the younger women in the company.