Impact Results – 3/29/18 (Austin Aries vs. Matt Sydal in Title vs. Title, Lashley vs. Cage)

Impact Results

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X-Division Champion Matt Sydal and Grand Champion Josh Mathews confront World Champion Austin Aries in the back. Aries thinks back to when he utilized “option C” to trade in his X-Division championship for a shot at the world title. Aries proposes that Sydal puts up Mathews’ Grand Championship instead for a shot at his world title tonight. Sydal accepts as Mathews protests his decision!

Petey Williams vs. Suicide vs. Rohit Raju vs. Taiji Ishimori – X-Division Four Way Match

The first person to score a pinfall or submission will win this match!

Ishimori goes for a springboard but Suicide and Raju pull him off the apron!

Raju hits a big running knee on Williams but Suicide breaks up the pin attempt.

Ishimori connects with a springboard dropkick to Suicide.

Raju hits a huge suicide dive, taking out Williams and Suicide on the outside!

Ishimori hits his signature Golden Moonsault, colliding with everyone outside the ring!

Ishimori connects with a springboard sitdown senton on Suicide. Williams attempts the Canadian Destroyer on Ishimori but he counters and hits the double foot stomp in the corner.

Ishimori hits the 450 splash on Raju but Suicide breaks up the pin attempt!

Williams fends off Ishimori and hits the Canadian Destroyer on Suicide to pick up the win!

After the match, Williams gets on the mic and announces he is cashing in his Feast or Fired briefcase to challenge the X-Division Champion at Redemption, April 22nd on pay-per-view!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake as he reflects on winning a briefcase in Feast or Fired two weeks ago. Drake says he should have won the briefcase that awarded him a shot at the world title but instead, he got a shot at the tag team championship.

Su Yung vs. Amber Nova

Braxton Sutter introduces Su Yung and will be at ringside for her debut match.

Yung attacks Nova before the match begins to gain the early advantage.

Yung hits the Panic Switch to pick up the quick victory.

Johnny Impact is interviewed by McKenzie Mitchell in the backstage area. Impact says his goal is still to become the world champion when Jimmy Jacobs interrupts. Impact asks him what he wants but all Jacobs tells him is that he will find out soon enough – and that his monster, Kongo Kong says hello!

Taya Valkyrie is walking in the parking lot as she talks about her recent victory over Rosemary. Then, out of nowhere, Rosemary throws a garbage can at her from on top of a trailer! A brawl breaks out between the two rivals with Taya once again gaining the upperhand. Richard Justice tries to break it up but ends up paying for it as Taya strikes him down. Rosemary recovers and spits red mist into Taya’s face. Blinded, Taya attacks Amber Nova who was just passing by. The locker room empties to try to put a stop to the madness but Rosemary takes all of them out with a huge crossbody off the top of the trailer!

Fallah Bahh vs. KM

KM hits a big running neckbreaker, followed by a springboard splash for a near fall.

KM is looking to wear down Bahh but he counters and hits a big Samoan drop!

Bahh misses a splash attempt in the corner and KM rolls him up with his feet on the ropes to steal the victory!

Brian Cage vs. Lashley

It’s finally here, this huge clash of giants is underway!

Cage hits a Hurricanrana and Lashley comes right back at him with a Hurricanrana of his own!

Cage kicks Lashley to the outside and launches himself over the top rope into Lashley!

Cage connects with a series of kicks and heads to the top rope but Lashley throws him off, sending him crashing to the mat.

Cage hits a springboard tornado DDT, followed by a huge spinebuster for a near fall.

This time, Lashley hits the spinebuster but Cage kicks out at two.

Lashley hits the big running powerslam for a near fall.

Cage misses a springboard Moonsault, allowing Lashley to follow up with the Spear. Cage rolls out of the ring, preventing Lashley from going for the pin!

Cage connects with the Discus Lariat to win the match!

Allie approaches Gail Kim in the locker room for some advice.

Allie says she’s not sure what to think of how Braxton Sutter has been acting lately and his association with Su Yung. Gail tells Allie to stand up to Su Yung and she leaves motivated.

Backstage, Eli Drake tries to persuade Moose to trade Feast or Fired briefcases with him because Moose holds the shot at the world title.

Moose immediately turns him down but proposes a match for next week, with the winner taking ownership of the loser’s briefcase. Moose leaves while Drake thinks whether or not to accept.

Eddie Edwards invades Rockstar Pro Wrestling in Dayton, Ohio. He’s on the hunt for Sami Callihan and oVe after what they did to him and his wife, Alisha! Edwards has a kendo stick and attacks oVe while they’re making their entrance for a match! Edwards stands in the middle of the ring and out comes Callihan! They brawl but Edwards quickly falls victim to the numbers game. Jake and Dave Crist hold Edwards while Callihan attempts to hit him with the baseball bat. Edwards counters at the last second and hits the low blow on Callihan. Edwards fights off oVe with the bat but the 3 on 1 advantage is too much for him to overcome. Callihan and oVe regain control, allowing Callihan to clobber him with the bat, followed by a double team piledriver from oVe. The rest of the Rockstar Pro roster surrounds the ring as oVe and Callihan stand tall.

We see footage from the oVe cam. Callihan says he let Edwards leave so he can let all his friends know that oVe is coming and they’re going to take out everyone and everything that he loves.

World Champion Austin Aries vs. X-Division Champion Matt Sydal w/ Grand Champion Josh Mathews – World & Grand Championships on the Line!

Alberto El Patron is seen watching the match from his locker room, scouting Austin Aries before their huge matchup at Redemption, April 22nd on pay-per-view.

Aries almost hits the Last Chancery in the early going, causing Sydal to escape to the outside and recover.

Sydal hits a big spin kick as Mathews cheers him on from ringside.

Sydal connects with a sliding knee on Aries in the corner. Sydal goes for the pin but Aries wisely grabs the bottom rope.

Sydal attempts a standing Moonsault but Aries gets his knees up! Next, Aries counters Sydal’s springboard and jumps off the top rope, crashing into Sydal on the outside!

Aries connects with a huge left arm lariat for a near fall!

Sydal hits a Final Cut but Aries kicks out at two.

Aries hits the ropes but Mathews trips him up from ringside! Aries is about to go after him when Sydal hits a jumping knee off the distraction.

Aries has Sydal up on his shoulders when Mathews gets involved again. He gets up on the apron but Petey Williams comes down to even the odds!

Sydal goes for the Shooting Star Press but Aries moves out of the way and hits the Discus Forearm, followed by the running dropkick and Brainbuster to win! Austin Aries retains the World Championship and is your new Grand Champion!

Next week, Eli Drake has accepted Moose’s challenge as they will meet in a Feast or Fired case vs case match with the winner walking away with a shot at the tag team and world championships, plus so much more. Don’t miss it!