Impact Results – 7/5/18 (LAX implodes, Brian Cage vs. Kongo Kong, Killer Kross debut)

Impact Results

Impact Results
July 5, 2018
Windsor, Ontario, Canada
Commentary: Josh Mathews and Don Callis
Results by: Jason Namako of

Well look what is back? Let’s get to the show!

Video package highlighting what happened last week.

Fenix def. Rich Swann with a Muscle Buster into a Cradle Shock

Helluva high-flying match here. Afterwards, oVe attacks both men until Pentagon makes the save, but then lays out Fenix and Swann. Pentagon unmasks to reveal Sami Callihan! Callihan and oVe go to unmask Fenix until the real Pentagon comes out to clear the ring.

Backstage, KM finds Fallah Bahh and says he deserved to get beat down by Scott Steiner a couple weeks back. He is committed to their team and he will prove it tonight.

Backstage promo from Madison Rayne and Allie about their tag match tonight.

Killer Kross (debut) def. Fallah Bahh w/KM by submission with a Choke

Real impressive presence and look shown here by Kross. KM tries to attack after, but he is choked out. Petey Williams runs in and hits a chairshot to the back of Kross, but it has no effect. Petey finally throws the chair at Kross, sending him from the ring, but does not knock him off his feet.

Jimmy Jacobs backstage promo about Kongo Kong’s match tonight with Brian Cage.

Vignette where the Great Gama puts the Desi Hit Squad through rigorous training.

Vignette on a debuting Knockout coming soon.

Madison Rayne and Allie def. Impact Knockouts Champion Su Yung and The Undead Maid of Honor (KC Spinelli) by pinfall when Rayne pinned the Maid of Honor with the CrossRayne. Tessa Blanchard got involved when the ref was knocked down, but Allie sent her packing. Fine match.

Vignette from the LAX clubhouse where King is still mad about Konnan from last week and wants to see what proof he has that King put the hit out on him later tonight.

More footage of the Desi Hit Squad training hard.

Backstage promo from oVe with Callihan mocking Pentagon and issuing a challenge for a 6-Man Tag next week against Pentagon, Fenix and Swann.

Video package on Austin Aries’ career and road to Slammiversary against MOOSE. Says that when MOOSE loses, he’d better hope that the XFL is looking for an offensive lineman.

We see Konnan on the phone saying to someone that he has the proof on King and will expose him tonight.

Vignette on Tommy Dreamer, who says he is now obsessed with Eddie Edwards after Edwards attacked him at his promotion, House of Hardcore. They will meet in House of Hardcore rules at Slammiversary.

Katarina w/Grado def. Rebel by pinfall with an Irish Curse variation.

OK match.

Backstage, Katarina and Grado celebrate, then she says she has a surprise for Grado and in walks in Joe Hendry, who does his singing wrestler gimmick and all three jump around and have a group hug. Hendry has notably competed for ICW in Scotland, along with some shots for ROH.

Main Event: Brian Cage def. Kongo Kong w/Jimmy Jacobs by pinfall with a F-5.

Real fun HOSS BATTEL style match.

Show closes with the confrontation between Konnan and King. Konnan reveals that King did put the hit out on him prior to Redemption. King first tries to defend himself, but then relents and says he did it. King says he is new, Konnan is the past and tries to get Santana and Ortiz on his side, but they flip him off and side with Konnan. Homcide and Hernandez then run in and along with King, lay out LAX and Konnan, draping them in Mexican flags and the LAX t-shirt. King, Homicide and Hernandez leave the fallen LAX and Konnan laying to close the show.

One helluva closing angle to set up the original LAX vs. the new LAX, presumably at Slammiversary for the Tag Titles. Also potentially sets up a 6-Man Tag involving King and Konnan as Konnan is looking to make a final comeback tour coming up, as he was recently announced for the MLW Battle Riot match later this month. Overall, solid show this week with some good build for Slammiversary.