Impact Results – 11/8/18 (Final Hour: Johnny Impact vs. Killer Kross for World Title)

Impact Results

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Tonight, IMPACT Wrestling presents a huge special event – this is Final Hour!

Lucha Bros (Pentagon Jr & Fenix) def. The OGz (Homicide & Hernandez) w/ King

Homicide attempts to stab Pentagon with a fork but the referee pries it out of his hands before he can use it. A brawl breaks out between Homicide and Pentagon on the ramp. Meanwhile, Hernandez hits Fenix with a backbreaker in the ring. Fenix hits a springboard delayed diving headbutt. Pentagon attempts to follow up but King trips him up on the apron. Fenix connects with a top rope Moonsault to the outside. Hernandez is next to fly as he takes out everyone with a huge flying crossbody! Hernandez hits a huge powerbomb on Fenix but Pentagon breaks up the pin attempt. King tosses the slapjack to Homicide but Fenix superkicks him! Fenix takes out King on the apron before the Lucha Bros hit a flurry of double team offence to pin Hernandez.

Backstage, Konnan congratulates the Lucha Bros on their victory.

Jordynne Grace def. Katarina

Grace takes Katarina off the top rope with a press slam. Katarina hits a running forearm in the corner to start building momentum. Katarina connects with a tornado DDT. Grace locks in the Bear Hug, forcing Katarina to tap out!

X-Division Champion Brian Cage arrives in Ohio for his fight with Sami Callihan but is immediately jumped by Callihan’s goons! Cage takes them out and makes his way to the ring.

X-Division Champion Brian Cage def. Sami Callihan via DQ in an X Division Championship Match

Cage powerbombs Callihan into a steel post on the outside. Cage sends Callihan crashing into a group of his fans! Cage is looking to put Callihan away when oVe members Jake and Dave Crist attack him from behind, causing the disqualification! More of Callihan’s minions swarm the ring, attacking Cage from every direction. Eventually, the numbers disadvantage is too much for Cage to overcome. They all take turns hitting him with signature moves before Callihan delivers the last blow with a piledriver.

Backstage, Taya Valkyrie calls Tessa Blanchard a coward after she got herself intentionally disqualified to retain the Knockouts Championship last week. Taya challenges the champ to another match – what will her answer be?

McKenzie Mitchell catches up with Moose and Killer Kross ahead of their respective matches against Eddie Edwards and Johnny Impact tonight.

Scarlett Bordeaux informs KM and Fallah Bahh that they haven’t earned her services after their recent losses. Bordeaux reminds them that IMPACT! is in Las Vegas next week and her talent search will continue.

Moose def. Eddie Edwards

Edwards jumpstarts the match with a suicide dive to the outside, catching Moose off guard! Edwards takes a bucket of beers from the fans and smashes Moose over the head with it. Moose is next to use the bucket as he places it on Eddie’s head and delivers a big boot! Edwards connects with a Blue Thunder Bomb for a near fall. Moose counters a top rope maneuver into Go to Hell off the top! The back-and-forth action comes to a screeching halt with a double clothesline in the middle of the ring! Moose delivers a sick powerbomb on the stage. Alisha comes out to check on her husband but Moose intimidates her. Moose hits the Spear to pick up the victory.

James Mitchell confronts Allie and Kiera Hogan. Mitchell promises that if she comes with him, he will leave Allie’s friends alone forever. We see Su Yung grab Allie’s hand from the Undead Realm.

A doctor tells Alisha that Eddie Edwards likely has a concussion after his brutal match with Moose.

Eli Drake and his lawyer, Joseph Park, are in the ring. Drake announces that he has retired the Open Challenge and is officially filing a lawsuit against IMPACT Wrestling for being an unsafe work environment. Drake reflects on Bound for Glory when Abyss put him through a table. Park invites other members of the roster who are joining the lawsuit to come out but it turns out to be a scam! Drake hits Park with a low blow and assaults him with a chair. Referees come out to check on Park but Drake comes back to the ring and chokes him with his jacket!

McKenzie Mitchell interviews Johnny Impact ahead of his World Championship defence against Killer Kross tonight!

Johnny Impact def. Killer Kross w/ Moose to retain the Impact World Championship

Moose gets up on the apron, causing the referee to eject him from ringside! Impact hits the Shining Wizard. Kross goes for the Alabama Slam but Impact counters into a piledriver! Impact connects with a swinging neckbreaker but Kross kicks out at two! They fight up the ramp to the stage. Kross holds Impact high above his shoulders, runs down the ramp and slams Impact to the mat! Impact connects with his signature Countdown to Impact from the top rope for a very close near fall! Kross attempts to lock in the Kross Jacket but Impact counters. Impact hits a Hurricanrana, followed by Starship Pain to retain the World Championship!