IMPACT Wrestling Throwback Throwdown Results – (11/30/23)

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Kamikazi vs Rapid Delivery Pete

The first bout of the night martial arts master Kamikazi lock up with pizza restaurant employee, Rapid Delivery Pete. The action was fast and furious, which Pete used to his advantage to score the victory following a running Frog Splash.

Rapid Delivery Pete def Kamikazi

After killing Muscle McGhee in the Semi-Finals, Boris Alexiev will show no mercy in tonight’s Fall Maull Tournament Finals against Tim Burr.

We Hear From DJ 2Large

George The Iceman interviews DJ 2Large after winning the International Commonwealth Television Championship at the recent Halloween event, Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun. The $369,000 Man confronts 2Large and offers to buy his title. 2Large turns him down so The $369,000 Man has his newest talent acquisition, The Masked Brother, attack him instead. The brawl is broken up by referees and DJ 2Large wants a piece of The Masked Brother tonight.

After losing his wrestling promotion at Rival Survival, Walter Chestnut is sending Neptune to exact revenge on Frank the Butcher and IPWF owner George Scovelli Sr. Frank the Butcher vows to make minced meat out of Neptune.

After a victorious debut over Ladybird Johnston last week, Red Letter is interviewed by George the Iceman. Red Letter calls herself “Rapid Delivery” Red Letter which upsets Rapid Delivery Pete.

Neptune w/ Walter Chestnut vs Frank the Butcher w/ Giuseppe Scovelli Sr

It was an emotionally charged showdown when Neptune squared off with Frank the Butcher. Neptune and Walter Chesnut were seeking jobs in IPWF, but the outcome of this match would determine the context of those jobs. When the dust settled, it was Frank who chopped Neptune down to size and scored the victory.

Frank the Butcher w/ Giuseppe Scovelli Sr def Neptune w/ Walter Chestnut

After the match, Giuseppe Scovelli Sr revealed that Neptune and Walter Chestnut would become IPWF janitors.

The Sunday Morning Express vs The Hard Workers

Tag team action took center stage as The Sunday Morning Press, hot off the press from writing the daily newspaper, battled the dancing, fun-loving Hard Workers. Following a back-and-forth contest, it was illegal involvement from the Paper Boy that led to Editor-In-Chief stealing the win.

The Sunday Morning Express def The Hard Workers

IPWF rookie Tommy Dreamer accidently leaves a nasty surprise in the bag of Brian “Bone” Crunchin after receiving bad intel from Red Letter. Crunchin is sick to his stomach and Scovelli Sr, leading to the first assignment for Neptune and Walter Chestnut.

“Cowboy” Colt McCoy & Georgia Cobb vs Rip Rayzor & Rusty Iron

The rebellious Rip Rayzor and Rusty Iron battled “Cowboy” Colt McCoy and Georgia Cobb in a physical tag team showdown. After Cobb became an honorary cowgirl, she joined McCoy in delivering brutal double team offense to Rayzor and Iron. Despite Rayzor and Iron’s repeated bending of the rules, Cobb was able to pin Iron for the three count.

“Cowboy” Colt McCoy & Georgia Cobb def Rip Rayzor & Rusty Iron

The Masked Brother sends one final message to DJ 2Large ahead of their high-stakes matchup.

International Commonwealth Television Champion DJ 2Large vs The Masked Brother w/ The $369,000 Man – International Commonwealth Television Championship

The International Commonwealth Television Championship was on the line as the heated rivalry between DJ 2Large and The Masked Brother reached its boiling point. The $369,000 Man was ejected from ringside after getting physically involved in the match. In a shocking turn of events, The Masked Brother inadvertently took out the referee with a knee strike. Moments later, Walter Chestnut and Neptune continued their janitorial duties at ringside while DJ 2Large was attacked by more masked assailants. Amidst the chaos, The Masked Brother pinned DJ 2Large to become the new International Commonwealth Television Champion.

The Masked Brother w/ The $369,000 Man def International Commonwealth Television Champion DJ 2Large – NEW International Commonwealth Television Champion

During an interview with George The Iceman, Tim Burr reflects on the murder of his friend, Muscles McGhee, at the hands of Boris Alexiev.

Tim Burr vs Boris Alexiev w/ Colonel Corn – Fall Maul Tournament Finals

The lethal and dangerous Boris Alexiev met Tim Burr in the finals of the Fall Maul Tournament. With vengeance on his mind, Burr redirected the devastating claw of Alexiev into his own ally, Colonel Corn. This led to the victory for Burr after a vicious double axe handle from the top rope.

Tim Burr def Boris Alexiev w/ Colonel Corn – Fall Maul Tournament Finals

After the match, Burr celebrates his win in the Fall Mall Tournament with the stars of IPWF.

IPWF goes off the air.