IMPACT Results – 12/7/23 Action from Monterrey, Mexico)

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X-Division Champion Chris Sabin & Knockouts World Champion Trinity vs Chik Tormenta & Dinamico

We kicked off the night with tag team action as X-Division Champion Chris Sabin joined forces with Knockouts World Champion Trinity to battle Chik Tormenta and Dinamico. The action was fast and furious as Dinamico neutralized Sabin with high-flying offense on the outside. But moments later, Trinity would turn things around, pinning Tormenta following her signature Full Nelson Bomb.

X-Division Champion Chris Sabin & Knockouts World Champion Trinity def Chik Tormenta & Dinamico

Josh Alexander delivers a message before his blockbuster tag team match this Saturday at Final Resolution. Alexander will team with the debuting Zack Sabre Jr to take on the Motor City Machine Guns.

Eddie Edwards vs Myzteziz Jr vs Latigo

It was a three way free-for-all as Eddie Edwards, Myzteziz and Latigo clashed for supremacy. An alliance between Myzteziz and Latigo was formed but it didn’t last long. High-risk offense led to Latigo taking out Myzteziz Jr with a Mexican Destroyer on the ramp. Back in the ring, Myzteziz soared with a Shooting Star to pin Edwards.

Myzteziz Jr def Eddie Edwards & Latigo

Trey Miguel has an issue with Mike Bailey’s lack of in-ring wear footwear as he prepares to battle “Speedball” at Final Resolution.

The Motor City Machine Guns are confident heading into their dream tag team about against Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr at Final Resolution.

Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star vs Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla

Jordynne Grace and Deonna Purrazzo renewed their epic rivalry as they were joined by Sexy Star and Maravilla for tag team competition. Purrazzo and Maravilla worked well together as they cut off the ring and prevented Star from making the tag. Eventually, Star was able to create separation and tag Grace into the match. After overcoming a biased referee, Grace planted Maravilla with the Juggernaut Driver to win.

Jordynne Grace & Sexy Star def Deonna Purrazzo & Maravilla

The stars of IMPACT Wrestling speak on the importance of returning to Monterrey, Mexico for this special event with Lucha Libre AAA.

Tommy Dreamer & Laredo Kid vs Brian Myers & Black Taurus

It was time for more hard-hitting tag team action when Tommy Dreamer & Laredo Kid united against Brian Myers and Black Taurus. Myers used his veteran instinct to hang up Dreamer on the ropes, allowing Taurus to gain control. Myers was about to fly when Dreamer took things to the extreme, cracking him in the head with a cookie tray. It was Kid who then spiked Taurus with the Sunset Bomb to win.

Tommy Dreamer & Laredo Kid def Brian Myers & Black Taurus

After the match, Dreamer and Kid added insult to injury as they drove Taurus through a table.

Knockouts World Champion Trinity and Jordynne Grace vow to be on the same page when they team up at Final Resolution. But with the Knockouts World Title on the line at Hard To Kill, may the best Knockout win.

Josh Alexander & Octagon Jr vs Moose & Toxin

The action continued when Josh Alexander teamed up with Octagon Jr to face off against Moose and Toxin! IMPACT fans around the world were eager to see Alexander tear it up with Moose once again and that’s exactly what they got. Octagon Jr had the match won following a 450 Splash to Toxin but the pin was broken up by Moose. Several minutes later, Moose narrowly avoided defeat at the hands of Octagon Jr, then speared him to win.

Moose & Toxin def Josh Alexander & Octagon Jr

Tommy Dreamer vows to remain Digital Media Champion at the final IMPACT branded event, Final Resolution, when he defends against Deaner.

One of the most decorated champions of all time, “The Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada, makes his long-awaited return to TNA Wrestling at Snake Eyes, January 14th in Las Vegas. Be there LIVE.

Motor City Machine Guns & El Hijo Del Vikingo vs Trey Miguel & Los Vipers

The main event featured a wild six-man tag team showdown as IMPACT World Champion Alex Shelley, X-Division Champion Chris Sabin and El Hijo del Vikingo went to war with Trey Miguel & Los Vipers. Following a flurry of near falls, Miguel was unable to put Sabin away. The Motor City Machine Guns put their innovative offense on display as they locked in dual STF submissions on Los Vipers. Then, Miguel almost put Vikingo away with a vicious Poison Rana. But the end came when Vikingo hit Miguel with the Phoenix Splash for three.

Motor City Machine Guns & El Hijo Del Vikingo def Trey Miguel & Los Vipers

IMPACT! goes off the air.