TNA IMPACT Results – 2/15/24 (Build to No Surrender, Mustafa Ali continues his campaign)

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Jake Something vs. Frankie Kazarian

Jake Something steps up to the new-attitude Frankie Kazarian in tonight’s opening contest! Something puts his power on display as he whips Kazarian over the top rope to the floor. Kazarian rakes the eyes to gain control. Back in the ring, Kazarian hits a neckbreaker for two. Kazarian connects with a powerslam, followed by his signature springboard leg drop. Something fights off a Chicken Wing attempt, then creates separation with a forearm blast out of the corner. Something hits a sit-down driver for a near fall of his own. Kazarian spikes him with the slingshot DDT but it’s still not enough. Kazarian dodges, sending Something shoulder-first into the steel ring post. Eric Young is seen watching on from behind the curtain. Kazarian trips up Something on the top, then pins him with a hold of the rope to win.

Frankie Kazarian def. Jake Something

After being betrayed by Frankie Kazarian, Eric Young lays out the challenge to meet him face-to-face in the ring next week.

Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace vs. Savannah Evans w/ Gisele Shaw

After being fired by Gisele Shaw, Savannah Evans looks to redeem herself against Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace! Evans hits a Butterfly suplex out of the corner. Grace drives her into the corner turnbuckle, then follows up with a Vader Bomb. Evans shuts down her momentum with a big boot. Evans shifts her attention towards Shaw at ringside, allowing Grace to capitalize. Grace hits the Muscle Buster to win.

Knockouts World Champion Jordynne Grace def. Savannah Evans w/ Gisele Shaw

After the match, Shaw blindsides both Grace and Evans by attacking them with the X. Shaw stands tall with the Knockouts World Title held high.

Gia Miller is pushed aside by the personal interviewer of Ash By Elegance. He introduces Ash, who announces that she will be making her highly-anticipated in-ring debut next week!

During the second episode of Alan Angels’ Sound Check, Simon Gotch reveals why he brutally attacked Josh Alexander last week. Gotch says that he was the one that pushed Alexander to his limit on the night when he was signed to his TNA Wrestling contract several years ago – but he has never been given the recognition he deserves. Alexander bursts onto the set and a brawl ensues!

TNA World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) vs Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) – Match 2 in Best of 3 Series for the TNA World Tag Team Championships (GYV up 1-0)

After losing in Match 1, ABC is in a must-win situation against the Grizzled Young Vets tonight! ABC are in control following Click Click Boom to Drake. Gibson grams the injured left arm of Austin, allowing Drake to dropkick him off the apron. In the ring, Austin is being worn down as the Grizzled Young Vets cut off the ring and employ quick tags. Drake hits Austin with an assisted shoulder breaker but it’s not enough to keep him down. Austin finally creates some separation with a powerslam, allowing him to make the tag to Bey. The pace quickens as Bey dives through the ropes, taking out Gibson on the outside. Back in the ring, Bey is rallying as he hits Drake with a Brainbuster before Gibson breaks the pin. The Grizzled Young Vets plant Bey with a Doomsday Device for a very close near fall. Bey prevents the Grit Your Teeth as Austin rolls up Drake for three.

TNA World Tag Team Champions ABC (Ace Austin & Chris Bey) def Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Gibson & James Drake) – Match 2 in Best of 3 Series for the TNA World Tag Team Championships (Both teams tied 1-1)

Dirty Dango puts out a casting call for tag teams to step up and face him and Oleg Prudius.

Mustafa Ali vows to renew and revitalize the X-Division by dethroning Chris Sabin February 23rd at No Surrender.

After being provoked by The Good Hands, Chris Sabin strikes an innocent bystander.

Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve vs. Rhino – Digital Media Championship

An enraged Rhino challenges Crazzy Steve for the Digital Media Championship! Rhino retrieves a table from underneath the ring but Steve doesn’t want to give the fans what they want and puts it back. Rhino hits a thudding vertical suplex on the ramp. Steve gives him a low blow by kicking the ring rope. The referee stops Steve from using the Digital Media Title as a weapon. Rhino builds momentum with a TKO for two. Steve counters the Gore and diverts the referee’s attention by throwing a fork. Steve cracks Rhino with the title while the referee’s back is turned. Steve pins him to win the match and retain the Digital Media Title.

Digital Media Champion Crazzy Steve def. Rhino – Digital Media Championship

Deaner vs. Joe Hendry

While Joe Hendry is making his entrance, he’s interrupted by AJ Francis who unveils a new music video that pokes fun at Hendry. Hendry fires back with a music video of his own, signing that AJ Francis is banned from diving. Deaner blindsides Hendry while he’s preoccupied with Francis. Francis joins the fray before Swann comes to the aid of Hendry.

Deaner vs. Joe Hendry Never Gets Underway

We see footage courtesy of World Wrestling Council in Puerto Rico where Nic Nemeth was jumped by Steve Maclin. Trent Seven doesn’t take kindly to the blindside assault and challenges Maclin to a singles match next week.

Killer Kelly w/ Masha Slamovich vs. Dani Luna w/ Jody Threat

Killer Kelly looks to tune-up for MK Ultra’s Knockouts World Tag Team Title rematch against Decay at No Surrender! Dani Luna hits a running dropkick. Luna attempts a suplex but Kelly hangs on to Slamovich at ringside. Jody Threat kicks her free, allowing Luna to roll her up and score the big win.

Dani Luna w/ Jody Threat def. Killer Kelly w/ Masha Slamovich

After the match, MK Ultra attack Luna and Threat from behind. The reigning Knockouts World Tag Team Champions, Decay, make their way to the ring and send MK Ultra retreating up the ramp.

TNA World Champion Moose vs. KUSHIDA – Everyone Banned From Ringside

After being laid out by The System, KUSHIDA seeks vengeance on TNA World Champion Moose with everyone banned from ringside! This comes before Moose defends the TNA World Heavyweight Title against Alex Shelley in the first-ever No Surrender Rules match, which can only end when a designated cornerman throws in the towel. The System, as well as Alex Shelley and Kevin Knight are seen watching the match from separate areas backstage. KUSHIDA drives the left shoulder of Moose into the steel ring post. KUSHIDA leaps off the top but Moose catches him in mid-air with a Uranage. The fight spills to the outside where Moose hits a big powerslam. Moose goes for a powerbomb on the outside but KUSHIDA counters into a Cross Armbreaker. KUSHIDA soars with a pair of top rope Moonsaults for two. KUSHIDA transitions into the Hoverboard Lock but Moose breaks free. KUSHIDA almost puts him away with Code Red. Moose turns the tide and puts KUSHIDA away with the spear.

TNA World Champion Moose def. KUSHIDA – Everyone Banned From Ringside

After the match, Brian Myers, Eddie and Alisha Edwards continue the assault on KUSHIDA until Alex Shelley and Kevin Knight even the odds. Shelley, KUSHIDA and Knight clear the ring as iMPACT! goes off the air.