TNA IMPACT Results – 5/23/24 (X-Division No. 1 Contender’s Match, More!)

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Matt Hardy & Ryan Nemeth vs. The System

The match kicks off with Matt Hardy and Eddie Edwards locking up. Hardy grabs a Headlock, and the two go back and forth until Edwards catches Hardy in the corner with a series of Chops. Edwards attempts a roll-up, but Hardy bites his fingers and jerks his arms around. Hardy tags in Ryan Nemeth, who holds Edwards’ arm in place for Hardy to drop an Axe Handle and Nemeth to deliver a Headbutt. Edwards shoves Nemeth to the corner and tags in Myers.

Myers strikes Nemeth, but Nemeth fires back with a Dropkick and starts talking trash to Alisha. Edwards takes advantage with a cheap shot to Nemeth and continues to chop and beat him down. He taunts Hardy on the apron before tagging Myers back in. Nemeth starts to fight back, but Myers chop blocks his legs and applies a leg submission, then tags Edwards back in. The System flattens Nemeth with a tag combo, with Edwards keeping the pressure on.

Nemeth manages to hit a huge standing DDT and tags in “Broken” Matt Hardy. Hardy comes in on fire, dropping Myers with a Clothesline, a Hip Toss, and a Back Elbow, then bouncing Myers’ head off the buckle. Hardy grabs Edwards in a Bulldog while clotheslining Myers, taking them both out. Hardy then hits both men with a massive Double DDT.

He locks Myers in an underhook submission, but Edwards breaks it up and goes for a Backpack Stunner on Hardy.

Hardy evades and shoves Edwards into Myers, setting up the Twist of Fate on Edwards. Nemeth follows with a huge Crossbody, securing the victory and pinning the TNA World Tag Team Champions.

Matt Hardy & Ryan Nemeth def. The System

Myers blindsides Nemeth, prompting Matt Hardy to come to his aid. Suddenly, Moose appears and hits Hardy with a Spear! The System picks Hardy up, and Moose Spears him again. They continue beating down Hardy while Moose grabs a chair. They set the chair up on Nemeth’s neck, just like they did to Nic Nemeth.

Nic Nemeth’s music hits, and the “Wanted Man” storms the ring, clearing it. Nic Nemeth is BACK!

Meanwhile, Gia Miller is standing by with ABC. She asks if it’s a good thing that Bailey and Trent are fighting tonight given the tension within ABC. Chris Bey denies any tension, accusing Gia of trying to stir the pot. Ace Austin steps in, suggesting that maybe a match is what they need to work things out and get back on the same page. Bey agrees, and they head off to talk to Santino.

The Rascals are in action NEXT on TNA iMPACT!

Santino is seen talking on the phone and confirms that ABC’s Ace Austin and Chris Bey will battle next week. Just then, Matt Hardy, Ryan Nemeth, and Nic Nemeth enter the frame. Santino asserts that Matt and Ryan deserve a Tag Team title shot against The System since they pinned them.

Matt interjects, stating that he came back to TNA for the World Championship. Nic steps up, saying he’ll team with his brother Ryan to take down The System. Matt remarks that “The Nemeth Boys” would make great Tag Team Champions. Nic agrees, adding that after Matt wins the World title, he will be first in line for a shot. Matt agrees!

The Rascalz vs. Sinner & Saint

As smoke fills the screen, The Rascalz hit the stage

Zachary Wentz starts the match against Travis Williams. The two engage in a back-and-forth battle, with Wentz executing an arm drag. They lock up again, with Williams showcasing his skills, leading to a standoff.

Trey is tagged in, shoving Williams off the ropes, unaware that Judas Icarus has blind-tagged himself in.

Icarus jumps in and grabs Trey, leading to some effective 2-on-1 offense. Judas tags in Scott, and together they continue the assault. Trey manages to turn the tide with an eye rake, and he and Wentz unleash a flurry of attacks. Wentz attempts a Star, but Williams kicks out, sustaining the damage.

Wentz presses on, aiming for a Knee Strike, but Williams evades and counters with a Backhand. Both teams make tags, bringing in Icarus and Trey. Icarus delivers some punishing hits and attempts a Suplex, which Trey reverses, sending Icarus off the ropes. Icarus responds with chops, then goes for another Suplex. Trey counters but is halted by a boot from Icarus, who then successfully executes the Suplex.

Icarus gains momentum and hits Trey with a boot, followed by Sinner and Saint tying Trey up for a huge combo. Despite the brutal move, Trey kicks out. As Travis and Judas prepare to set up another move, Wentz pulls Icarus out of the ring. Trey capitalizes, hitting a Spinebuster on Williams, allowing Wentz to finish with a Stomp, securing the victory for The Rascalz!

The Rascalz def. Sinner & Saint

After The Rascalz celebrate their victory, Steve Maclin ambushes them from behind, targeting Zachary Wentz with a clothesline before tying up both Wentz and his partner. Maclin then delivers his devastating finisher, “Into The Crosshairs,” leaving The Rascalz down and out in the ring.

Gia Miller interrupts Steve Maclin to inquire about his attack on The Rascalz. Maclin declares that it’s payback and he intends to ensure it’s over, redirecting his focus back to Santana. Santana then appears and challenges Maclin to a match next week on TNA iMPACT!

Frankie Kazarian confronts Jade Chung, shouting at her, prompting security to rush in to separate them. Despite their efforts, Kazarian grabs the mic and announces that he is leaving on his own accord.

Cody Deaner’s music hits as he enters the ring and grabs a microphone. He addresses the crowd, stating that he has unresolved issues to settle in Newport. Deaner then calls out his cousin Jake Something, who promptly heads to the ring, visibly fired up.

Deaner acknowledges the harsh blow from Jake last week hurt but admits that deep down, he believes he deserved it due to his actions when he joined Violent by Design. Deaner expresses his desire to fight alongside Jake rather than against him, leaving the decision to the people. He asks the crowd if they want to see Jake shake his hand and extends his hand toward Jake.

However, The Good Hands’ music interrupts, and John Skylar and Jason Hotch make their way to the ring, siding with Jake Something. Skylar mocks Jake, which leads to Jake knocking him out. This sparks a brawl between Deaner, Jake, and The Good Hands.

Santino appears and announces a match—a KFC match, short for a Kentucky Fight Club Match.

The bell rings, signaling the start of the intense showdown.

The Good Hands vs. Cody Deaner & Jake Something

Deaner starts the match by wrenching Hotch’s arm and delivering a knee drop onto it, asking the crowd if they want more, to which they enthusiastically respond. He continues with a few more Knee Drops before tagging in Jake Something, who flattens Hotch with a massive right hand. Jake then drops Hotch face-first, hesitates, and tags Deaner back in.

Hotch retaliates by raking Deaner’s eyes and landing a right hand. He tries to whip Deaner, but Deaner reverses and drops a fist into Hotch’s face after he hits the turnbuckle hard. Hotch manages to snatch a headlock and tags in Skylar, who takes control. Skylar punches Deaner, Snapmares him, and drops a knee, then tags Hotch back in.

Hotch sets Deaner up on the buckle, and The Good Hands double-team him. Skylar continues the assault, and Hotch kicks the rope into Deaner’s face. Deaner reaches out for Jake Something’s hand, trying to make a tag but is unable to.

Hotch executes a Side Suplex on Deaner, and Skylar tags back in, hitting a Side Russian Leg Sweep. The Good Hands attempt a double team, but Deaner ducks and tags in Jake Something. Jake lifts Hotch up and begins to dominate. He goes for a Double Chokeslam, but The Good Hands counter. However, their counter backfires, and they both eat a huge Double Clothesline from Jake.

Jake then tries for a Powerbomb, but Hotch kicks him in the face. Skylar cheap shots Deaner, who retaliates by knocking Hotch off the top buckle. Deaner feeds Skylar into “Into The Void” delivered by Jake Something.

Jake Something & Cody Deaner def. The Good Hands

Deaner extends his hand for a handshake, and Jake Something accepts, shaking his hand, signifying a moment of respect and unity between the two.

Gia Miller catches up with Jordynne Grace before her match with Marti Belle. Grace confidently declares that she’s going to demonstrate to the world why she’s known as “The Juggernaut” and that nothing can stand in her way.

The System is shown strategizing and discussing their upcoming matches at Against All Odds. Joe Hendry enters the frame. Eddie Edwards dismisses Hendry, calling him a joke and a flash in the pan. This leads to a challenge being made for a match next week on TNA iMPACT!

As Jordynne Grace and Marti Belle prepare for their Knockouts Championship match, The Personal Concierge announces that Ash By Elegance is still recovering from the injury sustained last week when Xia Brookside punched her with bejeweled knuckles. To fill in for Ash, he introduces her “Stand-in,” which turns out to be a mannequin dressed in Ash’s attire.

Jordynne Grace vs. Marti Belle

In the match between Jordynne Grace and Marti Belle for the Knockouts Championship, the two wrestlers lock up, with Grace starting strong by hitting Belle with a Shoulder Tackle and sending her into the corner. Belle manages to evade Grace’s next move, countering with a Back Elbow and then dropping Grace with a significant move of her own.

Grace takes a few shots but manages to hang on, grabbing Marti by the hair. Marti responds with a forearm and sends Grace face-first into the buckle, following up with a Hip Attack and then a knee to Grace’s face. Belle attempts a Suplex, but Grace blocks it and counters a Russian Leg Sweep, striking Belle with crushing forearms.

Belle sets up for her finishing move, Hells Bells, but Grace reverses and lifts Belle, dropping her with a Death Valley Driver.

Grace then places Belle on the top rope, but Belle fights back, hitting Grace with a forearm. Despite Belle’s efforts, Grace kicks out at one. Belle tries for Hells Bells once more, but Grace counters with the Juggernaut Driver for the victory, retaining her Knockouts Championship.

Jordynne Grace def. Marti Belle

As Jordynne Grace walks up the ramp after her victory, she is blindsided on the stage by Allysin Kay, Marti Belle’s teammate in HEX. Grace quickly tries to fend her off, but before she can recover, Belle jumps her from behind. Together, Kay and Belle execute their devastating tag team finisher, Hex Marks the Spot, on Grace, leaving her flattened and vulnerable!

At Under Siege, Jonathan Gresham infamously coughed up ink and jammed it into KUSHIDA’s mouth, leaving a lasting impact on both wrestlers. This disturbing moment was revisited on XPLOSION, where KUSHIDA was seen coughing up ink, indicating the lingering effects of Gresham’s vicious attack.

Santino is shown calling Jonathan Gresham and leaving a voicemail expressing his concerns about the recent health issues among those Gresham has been working with. He informs Gresham that as a precautionary measure, referees will be required to wear masks and gloves during his matches moving forward.

Jody Threat w/ Dani Luna and Lars vs. Tasha Steelz

The two knockouts, Jody and Tasha, start the match by locking up, but Jody quickly takes control, bringing Tasha down. Tasha manages to grab hold of the ropes, forcing a break. They circle the ring, preparing to lock up again, but Tasha resorts to poking Jody in the eye to gain the upper hand. Tasha follows up with a Chop and sends Jody off the ropes.

However, Jody turns the tables, delivering a Chop and a Back Elbow before unleashing multiple Clotheslines in the corner. Jody charges at Tasha, but Tasha counters with a Bandera, sending Jody to the apron. Jody fights back, dragging Tasha to the apron as well. Tasha escapes and hits a Backstabber on the apron, gaining momentum.

Tasha continues her assault with a European Uppercut, followed by a roll-through and a PK Kick. Jody retaliates with a series of Clotheslines, then executes a Double Knees and a German Suplex combo.

She runs at Tasha, but Tasha counters with a kick, only for Jody to respond with a Powerbomb.

Jody goes for her finishing move, Pop Shove It, but Tasha evades and counters with a Cutter, securing the victory in the match.

Tasha Steelz def. Jody Threat

PCO is seen screaming “Steph!” while holding a black rose.

AJ Francis and Rich Swann reveal that they were scouting in the VIP area last week and have their eyes set on specific titles. They tease that the details will be revealed NEXT WEEK!


Tom Hannifan and Matthew Rehwoldt take the stage to run down all the upcoming events, giving fans a glimpse into the action-packed schedule ahead.

Speedball Mike Bailey vs. Trent Seven

Speedball and Trent engage in a fast-paced exchange, starting with Arm Drags. Bailey enters the fray but meets a Chop from Trent. The action intensifies as Trent runs into a kick from Bailey, leading to a Forearm exchange between the two. Bailey impressively Handsprings into a series of kicks on Trent, who then retreats to the apron. Bailey attempts a boot, but Trent catches it, only to be sent to the floor by Bailey, who follows up with a Moonsault.

Bailey gains momentum with a top rope Missile Dropkick, followed by Chops to Trent. Trent responds with Chops of his own, leading to a spirited exchange. Bailey allows Trent to reciprocate a back chop, and they continue trading blows.

After a show of sportsmanship with a handshake, Trent drops Bailey with a DDT and follows up with a side powerslam. He then goes for his signature Seven-Star Lariat, but Bailey reverses with a running Shooting Star Press.

As the match progresses, both wrestlers exchange impactful moves, with Bailey showcasing resilience despite Trent’s offense. Mustafa Ali is seen entering the arena with a security team.

Bailey and Trent’s intense rivalry continues, culminating in a dramatic sequence of moves, including a Poison Rana and a Seated Scoop Slam off the top rope by Trent.

Ali’s presence at ringside adds tension to the match, as Bailey and Trent pull out all the stops to secure victory. The match reaches its climax with a series of near falls and hard-hitting moves, ultimately leading to Trent hitting the Birminghammer on Bailey for the win after Champagne Singh showed up out of nowhere and knocked Bailey off the top rope costing him the victory, Trent advances to face Mustafa Ali for the X Division Championship at Against All Odds.

Trent Seven def. Speedball Mike Bailey

TNA IMPACT goes off the air.