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Impact Results 2/15/18

We get right to the action on IMPACT!

Lashley def. Sami Callihan w/ oVe via DQ

oVe attempts to attack Lashley on the outside but Lashley sends them into the steel steps and guardrail. Callihan takes advantage of the distraction and gains control. Lashley is gaining momentum but when he hits the ropes, Jake hooks his leg from the outside. Callihan returns the favour from earlier and sends Lashley into the steel guardrail. Callihan sits Lashley down in the ring announcer’s chair. Callihan gets a running start around the ring and charges at Lashley but he counters with a huge Spear! Lashley connects with the running powerslam for a near fall. Callihan hits the superkick, followed by a powerbomb out of the corner for a near fall. Callihan hits the Spear for a second time but when he goes for the pin, oVe attacks him causing the disqualification! Jake and Dave Crist continue the beatdown when Eddie Edwards makes the save and assists Lashley in clearing the ring!

Backstage, McKenzie Mitchell interviews Eli Drake ahead of his rematch for Austin Aries’ Global Championship tonight. Drake says he’s still recognized as the champion because he can never stop being the champion.

LAX is playing poker at their clubhouse as they reflect on the attack from the Cult of Lee last week.

Allie receives another note from her secret admirer who tells her to meet her at “22”.

Backstage, Austin Aries says he’s going to make a difference in IMPACT Wrestling by remaining Global Champion tonight.

Moose is being interviewed by Mckenzie Mitchell when Alberto El Patron attacks him from behind!

Rosemary def. Hania

Rosemary is out for revenge and the brawl is on! Hania connects with a spin kick for a near fall. Rosemary misses a missile dropkick, allowing Hania to gain control with a face-plant. Rosemary counters Hania’s top rope crossbody into a rollup to win! After the match, Hania attacks Rosemary from behind once again. Hania goes for a slam on the steel steps but Rosemary bites her! Rosemary attempts Red Wedding but Hania is able to break free and escape up the ramp.

Allie finds a card and box of chocolates from her secret admirer. As she’s reading it, Laurel Van Ness jumps out of a box and attempts a sneak attack! Allie sees it coming and smashes the box of chocolates right across Laurel’s face before stuffing her back into the box!

EC3 and Tyrus def. Impact Grand Champion Matt Sydal and Johnny Impact

EC3’s old friend, Tyrus is revealed as the mystery partner for this huge tag team matchup! Impact and Sydal hit a double dropkick on EC3 but get taken out with big clotheslines from Tyrus. Impact does a springboard flip over Tyrus to get the hot tag to Sydal. He begins to build momentum but is halted by Tyrus when he hits a punch right to the heart. Impact hits EC3 with his signature swinging neckbreaker for the near fall. Sydal launches himself off the top rope to the outside but Tyrus catches him and drives him into the ring apron. Impact attempts a springboard kick, but Tyrus trips him and EC3 scores the pinfall with his feet on the ropes to win!

Jimmy Jacobs and Kongo Kong break into the offices of Park, Park & Park. Joseph isn’t there, causing Jacobs to instruct Kong to trash the place, including the beloved portrait of Grandma Jenny.

Brian Cage def. Jon Cruz

It’s time for the debut of the machine, Brian Cage! Cage dominates Cruz and throws him around the ring like a rag doll. Cage connects with multiple powerbombs and a big discus clothesline to win in quick fashion.

Backstage, Trevor Lee and Caleb Konley are trying to gain the upper-hand on LAX by attacking them first. They believe LAX is hiding inside a trailer but it’s actually Fallah Bahh eating M&M’s. Thinking it’s LAX in disguise, they attack the Mumbai Cats. After unmasking them and realizing it’s not LAX, they continue their search in the parking lot.

Taiji Ishimori def. El Hijo Del Fantasma to retain the Impact X Division Championship

Ishimori hits a springboard senton. Fantasma rolls to the outside but Ishimori launches himself over the top rope, crashing into him! Fantasma kicks Ishimori outside the ring and hits his signature suicide dive! Ishimori hits a Hurricanrana on the outside. Ishimori connects with a Moonsault off the apron. Ishimori hits the double knees, followed by the 450 splash to win the match and retain the X-Division championship!

Austin Aries def. Eli Drake w/ Chris Adonis to retain the Impact World Championship

Aries throws one of his signature elbows but Drake counters with a big boot. Drake hits the Skyward Slam. Drake goes for a springboard Moonsault but misses! They exchange shots in the middle of the ring with Aries getting the upper-hand. Aries hits a missile dropkick for a near fall. Aries is perched on the top rope but Drake leaps up and slams him to the mat! Aries hits the running dropkick in the corner, but Drake counters his follow-up brain-buster attempt. Adonis is tending to Drake on the outside but gets hit with a suicide dive from Aries! Drake capitalizes off the distraction and slams Aries back-first into the ring apron. Drake goes for the Gravy Train but Aries avoids it and locks in the Last Chancery! Adonis gets up on the apron, causing Aries to break the hold. Aries connects with the Brain-Buster to win the match and retain the Global Championship!

Next week, Alberto El Patron goes one-on-one with Moose, LAX takes on the Cult of Lee, Johnny Impact battles EC3 in a number one contender’s match, Lashley teams with Eddie Edwards to face oVe and more! Don’t miss it!


  1. These as holes confuse the heck out of me. I get that they pre tape shit way in advanced. But I can hear ec3 left them weeks ago but still involved on TV…… Its just confusing.

  2. Ah thanks man. Cause you know me. And I must be completely overwhelmed with mentioning they have confusing story lines. This has to be something just over taking my life with emotional distress. I hope I do get over it. Not sure if I will figuring it is absolutely traumatic.

  3. You’re welcome! I just got the feeling that since you posted something on a public comments forum, you would welcome replies. Nice to be right! I am deeply pained by your distress and genuinely hope that your confusion over a company airing pre-taped content featuring a wrestler who has signed for, but has yet to wrestle for, a separate company, subsides. Bye-bye for now, friend!

  4. Thanks for assuming all that on my sarcastic post. Youre a real Dr Phil. I do welcome all replies. Even the dumb ones.

  5. Young man, dumb comments, such as your initial one, attract dumb replies. You know full well that EC3 has left impact, after fulfilling his comittments at the last set of tapings, so impact using the footage they own is not the least bit confusing. They made him a bigger commodity, and should absolutely use the stuff they recorded. It would be far more confusing for him to just disappear unannounced.

  6. Dr. Phil with more analysis I guess. Lol. True, maybe. I skim read it. But Figuring the only viewers they are trying to draw to are the mark fans that try to watch it regardless of what they show. Since they are struggling……. Lol. Not smart. Because if I’m new trying to get into, it all seems like old re runs since their guys are elsewhere. Then I see Austin Aries wins title but it actually takes weeks for it too occur. Even lucha underground knows to have a guy run out his TV story before going elsewhere. But you can stick with the sinking ship. Its good to be loyal to something. I keep following the damn Mariners and refuse to see they suck. Lol. Sorry bout that dumb comment too. Hopefully you get over it, as it seems to have shook a nerve. Lol

  7. I see you tend to win your arguments by rambling. Fair play sir. No nerve “shook”, I could care less. Just made me chuckle that you found the concept of pre-taping confusing. I assume it was part of your “impact sucks” agenda. Try watching the show, it’s a lot better these days. Not perfect, but better. And it gives people a place to work and be discovered by fans that may otherwise not get to see them. Even if that viewing base is smaller than it should be, it’s still a decent figure in an era where TV is seemingly becoming more and more obsolete.

  8. I ramble as you keep on typing. Lol. But please. continue doctor Phil…… I try to watch. It may be good. But it seems like old stuff. Like I said before. Don’t process what you read very well. Lol. Not dumb enough for you to understand? Lol. Again you’re assumption is off because I never watched impact simply because I never knew when it was on and don’t have pop. I’m telling ya. You gotta get your own show with the great analysis Dr Phil. What I also like is your assumption that I don’t like something because it confused me……. You should stop assuming things my friend since you’re batting zero in this conversation. Lol. But I’m always interested in what’s next. So please…… Continue…..

  9. I didn’t assume you disliked impact, Oprah (I guess we’re using chat show icons as pet names? Or you refer to me as Dr Phil because I’m as bald as he is and have a sweet ‘stache?), I merely assumed that by you referring to the bookers as “as holes”, that you had a generally negative view of how they did things. If I have misconstrued your comment in any way, then I concede and apologise. However, it does not take away from the fact that firstly, you are aware that the shows have been pre-taped and that EC3 is no longer with the company. Anybody who also knows this (which must be at least most of the US viewers, I can’t speak for other markets: for example, I live in England, and to a lot of viewers over there, it is still “real” to them) will not be confused. Now, I am sure you will agree (hopefully) that this conversation is getting petty from BOTH sides and maybe a little personal, so can we just agree to disagree and move on, as I am too old to get into a feud with a fellow wrestling fan, and the internet is full of venom in the name of wrestling already.

  10. Damn dude. My girlfriend took me dumping her way better then you’re accepting the end of this conversation. I’m sure you’ll get over it.

  11. Look forward to your trolling replies in the future. I’ll be sure to set you up as your assumptions call for a good laugh.

  12. Friend, you are clearly exhibiting troll behaviour yourself. I have tried to end this conversation twice now and your responses were aimed to keep it going, as you clearly have to have the last word. If you cannot handle the fact that I have called you out on your BS then tried to be decent in order to have no hard feelings, then bud, the troll is you.

  13. It was a blast. I just feel sorry for how inaccurate all his assumptions were. lol. All for having a different perspective on something then he did. Hopefully he don’t live his real life that way. What a paranoid mess it would be. I love the keyboard warriors though.

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