Impact vs. Lucha Underground Results

Impact vs. Lucha Underground
New Orleans, LA (The Sugar Mill)
April 6, 2018
Announcers: Josh Matthews and Matt Striker
Results by: Josh Boutwell

We are live in the arena, about two minutes late, with Striker and Matthews not realizing that the stream is live at first.

Lucha Underground’s Melissa Santos and Impact’s McKenzie Mitchell come out to the ring together to hype the crowd up. It’s very hard to hear them over the house mic but they both look incredible.

We will start things off with a wild Six-Way Dance. The music is very low and very hard to hear, too.

Six-Way Dance
“The Monster” Matanza (Jeff Cobb) vs. “Rebourne” Matt Sydal vs. “Mr. Impact Wrestling” Moose vs. Caleb Konley vs. Jack Evans vs. “Mexican Warrior” Chavo Guerrero Jr.

Chavo receives a big “Eddie” chant as he enters the ring. Evans is sporting a new bald look (new since the last time I saw him, at least) and is playing his LU rudo role. Konley gets the most heat of all of the participants here, during entrances. Moose is the biggest guy here, by a large margin.

Things get started with Moose and Matazna clearing the ring and then coming face-to-face. They collide into each other but neither man gives way and then they begin exchanging chops. Moose hits the ropes but Matanza is right behind him with a shoulder block. Moose nips up to his feet and connects with a dropkick.

Matanza falls through the ropes to the floor and both Chavo and Konley come in and connect with dropkicks to Moose. Evans hits a double armdrag on Konley and Chavo, while hitting a dropkick on Sydal. They exchange some martial arts flick style strikes and then Sydal counters a springboard move with a spinning heel kick.

Sydal sets up for a dive but eats a clothesline from Chavito. Chavo eats a Flying Knee from Konley and then a big Lariat in the corner. Chavo comes back with a Vertical Suplex for the first nearfall of the match. Konley backdrops Chavo to the apron and then sweeps his legs to knock him to the floor.

Matanza destroys Konley sending him to the floor but as he climbs to the top Moose catches him with a dropkick sending Matanza to the floor, as well. Chavo moves out of the way of a charging Moose sending him to the floor. Chavo hits a Slingshot Plancha onto Matanza and then Konley hits a Suicide Dive before Sydal takes to the air with a Diving Moonsault!

Evans shows off his athleticism with a wild Springboard Twisting Plancha onto everyone! Evans rolls Sydal into the ring and hits a Springboard Spinning Enziguri followed by a Standing Corkscrew Moonsault for a nearfall. Sydal comes back with a nearfall of his own.

Moose from out of nowhere with a Spear on Sydal and then a Pump Kick to Konley! Konley comes back with a Diving Rana and then a Spinning Backfist to Moose. Konley turns his attention to Matanza but eats Spinning Back Suplex followed by the Wrath of the Gods for the pin!

Winner: Matanza via pinfall (Wrath of the Gods)

Chavo grabs a microphone and seems to be selling his shoulder. Chavo puts over both companies and then introduces the season four trailer for Lucha Underground and announces June 13 as the start date.

A trailer for Impact “Redemption” also airs focusing on Alberto vs. Aries.

Impact Knockouts Championship
Allie (c) vs. “Lucha Royalty” Taya Valkyrie

The Impact Knockouts Title is on the line here. Taya has been entrenched in a pretty physical feud with Rosemary off and on since mid 2017. Allie’s ongoing drama with Braxton Sutter culminated with the recent debut of the “Zombie Bride” Su Yung on Impact.

Allie wants a handshake but Taya slaps it away. Taya quickly takes Allie down with a Waistlock Takeover before mocking her and trolling her. Allie goes for a shoulder block but Taya shrugs her off and then she does the same again.

As Allie attempts a third shoulder block, Taya runs Allie over with a clothesline. Taya puts the boots to Allie and then slams her into the turnbuckles face-first. Taya attempts a splash but Allie catches her with a series of armdrags. Taya blocked a third attempt and then attempts a clothesline, but Allie ducks and hits a Cross Body Block.

Allie attempts a splash of her own but Taya moves and connects with some nasty Flying Knees to the back in the corner followed by a one count. Taya leg drops the crotch of Allie, Jeff Hardy style, and covers her for another nearfall.

Taya connects with a series of kicks and nasty chops, which wakes Allie up. Allie hits some chops of her own but Taya takes her down and continues to beat on her with chops and slaps. Allie comes back with a Russian Leg Sweep and float over into a nearfall.

The nearfall just pisses Taya off further and she continues to beat on her. Taya connects with a Running Elbow followed by a Running Clothesline in the corner. Taya attempts the Running Knees again but Allie ducks and then attempts a Running Dropkick in the corner. Taya moves out of the way and Allie crashes and burns.

Taya puts Allie in a Dragon Sleeper but Allie fights to her feet only to get taken down by a Reverse X-Factor, using the hair to yank Allie down, for a nearfall. Taya blatantly kicks Allie in the head repeatedly and just taunts and mocks her.

Allie “Hulks up” as she gets pissed at Taya’s mocking and connects with a series of nasty forearms. Allie hits a Running Clothesline in the corner followed by a Sliding Forearm to a seated Taya in the corner, followed by a second one and then a third one! Allie gets a nearfall and then hits an STO sending Taya into the turnbuckles.

Allie dropkicks Taya into the turnbuckles for another nearfall. Allie misses a clothesline and Taya kills her with a German Suplex, followed by a Running Clothesline. Taya hits a trio of Running Knees to a seated Allie for a nearfall of her own.

Taya goes for Road to Valhalla but Allie counters into the Allie-DT! 1…2…NO Taya kicks out! Allie attempts a German Suplex but Taya counters it and goes for a Tilt-A-Backbreaker. Allie counters into a Backstabber and then a Codebreaker for the pin!

Winner & STILL Knockouts Champ: Allie via pinfall (Codebreaker)

We immediately go into the next match.

“Big Poppa Pump” Scott Steiner & “The Loose Cannon” Teddy Hart vs. OVE (Jake Crist & Dave Crist)

This should be an interesting one. OVE have been running wild in Impact since debuting last year, especially since Sami Callihan joined the group, and the team of Steiner and Hart may be the most bizarre pairing we will see all weekend.

Steiner already caused a stir earlier during the pre-show when he cursed out Josh Matthews in a hilarious moment. Steiner is wearing an nWo Wolfpac shirt to the ring. Hart is thankfully not carrying his cat to the ring this time.

This is the first time I will have seen Teddy in a ring in quite some time. Teddy kick starts the match with an absolutely insane Asai Moonsault onto OVE on the floor!

Teddy hits a Teddy Bomb (Powerbomb into the Backstabber) on Dave Crist! Teddy pulls Jake into the ring and hits a Cradle DDT! Teddy lifts Dave up to his shoulders and hits an Electric Chair into a Backstabber! Jake trips Teddy from the apron and Dave nails him with a Mafia Kick. Dave puts Teddy in a chinlock and tries to ground him.

Dave dives off the top with a Senton to the outstretched arm of Teddy as Jake held him. Steiner flips off Dave as Dave taunted him. The OVE work on Teddy together in the corner and Jake connects with a spinning heel kick as Teddy tried to fight out of the corner.

OVE smothers Teddy in the corner with some elbows, slaps and kicks as Steiner gets pissed that they are keeping him out of the match. Every time Teddy tries to fight his way out of the corner, OVE lays him out and continue to double team him in their corner.

OVE whips Hart into the ropes and Dave drops down, as Teddy leaps over him Jake connects with a spinning heel kick. Teddy leaps over a charging Dave and stands on his back and hits a Sunset Flip Bomb!

Hot tag to Steiner ends in a series of Steinerlines and suplexes to OVE! Jake dives off the top but lands right into an STO from Steiner! Dave dives off the opposite corner and eats a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

Steiner locks in the Steiner Recliner on Jake and he taps!

Winners: Steiner & Hart via pinfall (Steiner Recliner)

Steiner gets pissed at the referee after the match and chunks him to the floor.

“The Kardiak Kid” Dezmond Xavier, “DJ Z” Zema Ion & “The Skywalker” Andrew Everett vs. Drago, King Cuerno (Hijo del Fantasma) & Aerostar

Aerostar comes to the ring with his famous flamethrower. Cuerno and Drago have worked with Impact a number of times over the last year, especially Cuerno under his Hijo del Fantasma name. Aerostar is wearing a special mask with LED lights.

DJ Z one ups Aerostar’s LED mask with an entire LED vest and helmet. This is Zema’s first match in Impact since he suffered some very, very serious injuries in Mexico last year. He nearly died during the incident. He’s only been wrestling for a couple of months now and is expected to be back at Impact during the next tapings later this month.

Drago and Everett shake hands but then immediately get to the flips! They exchange some nice counters and strikes. Everett catches Drago with a hurricanrana that sends Drago to the floor. Aerostar and DJ Z replace their partners and square off.

More crazy counters and Aerostar shows off some of his absolutely insane rope work. Aerostar hits a Step-Up Enziguri followed by a Springboard Corkscrew Plancha. Zema hits a Jawbreaker and then a Springboard Back Elbow after leapfrogging Aerostar.

Dezmond and Cuerno enter the match for the first time and square off. Dezmond and Cuerno exchange pin attempts and I’m sorry guys, I can’t do this stuff justice. There is no way to keep up with everything. Just INSANE action.

Dezmond gets a nearfall with a dropkick but Cuerno comes back with a dropkick of his own. Cuerno with an Enziguri in the corner and then a Running Knee. Cuerno’s bleeding from the chest.

Dezmond hits a back elbow sending Cuerno to the floor and sets up for a dive but eats a Leaping Enziguri from Cuerno. Dezmond hits a series of strikes followed by a Leaping Cutter to Cuerno in the ring.

Zema hits a Flyling Cross Body onto Aerostar and Drago as they come into the ring. Zema with a crazy Neckbreaker/DDT combo onto Drago and Aerostar. Zema hits a Somersault Plancha over the top onto Drago and Aerostar on the floor!

Dezmond with a Handspring into a Moonsault over the top onto everyone! Everett sets up for a dive but Cuerno trips him. Dezmond sets up for a dive but Drago cuts him off. Drago then hits a Corkscrew Plancha over the top onto everyone!

Aerostar with a Springboard Step-Up Plancha from the middle rope onto everyone! Cuerno goes for the Arrow From the Depths of Hell but eats a dropkick from Everett instead.

Everett hits a Springboard Corkscrew Plancha onto everyone! Everett tosses Drago into the ring and runs right into a superkick. Drago then charges into a Snap Powerslam followed by a series of Moonsaults and Shooting Star Presses from Everett and Zema! Everett hits a Diving Moonsault and goes for the pin but Aerostar breaks it up with a 450 Splash!

Drago with a Spinning DDT on Everett as Aerostar whipped him around. Aerostar with a Springboard Rolling Cutter! 1…2…NO Dezmond breaks it up! Dezmond hits the X19 around the ring post on Aerostar and then a Back Handspring Pele Kick! 1…2..NO Cuerno kicks Dezmond in the face!

Cuerno goes for the Thrill of the Hunt but Everett destroys him with a Springboard Enziguri! Everett goes for a 450 Splash but Cuerno moves and Everett lands on his feet and Cuerno locks in the Mexican Death Lock! Everett taps!

Winners: Cuerno, Drago & Aerostar via submission (Mexican Death Lock)

All six men hug and shake hands after the match. That was pretty wild.

The next match is supposed to be Trevor Lee vs. Famous B but Famous comes to the ring wearing a suit as Matt Striker teases a surprise coming up. Famous says that he knew Trevor would have backup tonight, so he made a few calls and he will have someone else represent him…MARTY THE MOTH!

“The Carolina Caveman” Trevor Lee w/Caleb Konley vs. Marty The Moth w/Famous B

Marty is a nut job character that has been insane during the first three seasons of Lucha Underground. Marty goes right after Trevor and connects with a dropkick.

Marty clotheslines Trevor over the top rope and then hits a beautiful Plancha over the top onto Lee and Konley on the floor. Marty rolls Trevor back in the ring but then gets tripped up by Konley as Lee distracts the referee. Famous B Superkicks Konley but Marty walks into a Punt Kick from the apron by Trevor.

Trevor slams Marty’s head repeatedly into the turnbuckles but Marty pushes him off and starts slamming his own head against the turnbuckle and tells Trevor “that’s how you do it.” Trevor rakes Marty’s eyes and hits a nasty Powerbomb! 1…2…NO Marty kicks out!

Trevor puts Marty in a chinlock and grounds him for a time before Marty fights to his feet and connects with a clothesline. Marty hits an Atomic Drop followed by a Flapjack. Marty attempts a Knee Lift but Trevor moves only to walk into a Butterfly Spike DDT for a nearfall.

Marty climbs to the top but Konley grabs his ankle. Famous pulls him off and Marty attempts a Moonsault only for Trevor to move out of the way and roll him up for the pin.

Winner: Lee via pinfall (rollup)

The Impact Tag Team Championships are on the line next.

Impact World Tag Team Championships
LAX (Ortiz & Santana) (c) w/Diamante vs. Killshot (Shane Strickland) & The Mack (Willie Mack)

Killshot and Mack are Trios Champions in Lucha Underground right now. Diamante has been out with a knee injury for a few months. So, it is good to see her back.

Ortiz and Killshot start the match off. Killshot is rocking a new version of his mask that looks pretty sweet. Ortiz connects with a springboard armdrag but Killshot lands on his feet and connects with a spinning back kick. Ortiz blocks an elbow and hits a beautiful Northern Lights Suplex.

Santana tags in and hits a Slingshot Somersault Senton, Eddie Guerrero style, and then Ortiz hits a sliding dropkick to Killshot. Santana lights Killshot up with chops and then charges into an elbow from Kllshot.

Killshot kicks the legs of Santana and then a beautiful Step-Up Back Kick. Killshot tags Mack into the match for the first time and he lays into Santana with some nasty strikes.

Santana and Mack show off some great counters and speed until Santana catches Mack with a hurricanrana. Mack comes back with a Lucha Armdrag followed by a Stinger Splash in the corner. Mack does a headstand in the corner, which throws Santana off and then Mack hits a Flying Shoulder Block.

Killshot tags back in and the LU team whip Santana into the corner. Killshot hits a Running Forearm and tosses him into a Backbreaker from Mack. Killshot hits a Springboard Ghetto Stomp as Mack held Santana over his knee for a nearfall.

Mack deadlifts Santana up into a German Suplex attempt, but Santana blocks it and hits a Rolling Cutter! Ortiz tags in and LAX hits a beautiful Nip-Up Moonsault from Santana off the back of Ortiz. LAX hits a Double Suplex followed by a Splash from Ortiz for a nearfall.

Ortiz hits a Corner Clothesline but then runs into a Pop-Up Forearm Smash from Mack! Mack hits a T-Bone Suplex sending Ortiz into the corner. Ortiz rolls over a charging Mack and tags Santana in. Santana hits a Cartel Kick to Killshot and then exchanges some nasty strikes with Mack.

All hell breaks loose as all four men are in hitting crazy moves and counters! It’s capped off with the Kill Stomp out of nowhere as Santana lifted him in the air! All four men are down now.

Santana nails Mack with an Enziguri as they get up but Mack comes back with a Running Forearm and then a Mafia Kick! Mack tosses Killshot into a Mafia Kick on Santana in the corner! Mack with a Rolling Senton on Santana for a nearfall!

Ortiz tosses Mack to the floor but runs into a front kick from Killshot. Killshot and Ortiz fight on the top rope and Killshot Fireman Carry Slams Ortiz off the top into a Pounce from Mack! Ortiz rolls to the floor and Santana rolls in and gets in Mack and Killshot’s faces.

Santana slaps the piss out of the both men repeatedly but then eats a Pop-Up Roundhouse Kick from Mack and Killshot! Mack lifts Santana up into a Powerbomb and Killshot dives off the top with the Kill Stomp! 1…2…NO Ortiz breaks it up!

Mack tosses Ortiz to the floor and then Killshot locks Santana into a Full Nelson. Ortiz trips Mack and then comes in and LAX botches a double team move. Ortiz hits a DVD on Killshot and then connect with a series of Moonsaults for a nearfall. Ortiz hits a dive onto Mack on the floor.

Santana dives off the back of Ortiz with a Rolling Senton on Killshot and then the Street Sweeper by LAX for the pin!

Winners & STILL Tag Champs: LAX via pinfall (Street Sweeper)

Eli Drake is in action next.

“The Namer of Dummies” Eli Drake vs. “The F’N Machine” Brian Cage

Cage runs over Drake as the match starts with a clothesline and then a crazy backdrop. Cage runs into an elbow from Drake and then catches him off the ropes with a Belly-to-Belly Suplex!

Cage hits a series of kicks, capped off with a Superkick but eats a Hotshot from Drake on the ropes. Drake follows up with a DDT and then puts the boots to Cage. Drake drags Cage onto the apron and hits him with a series of elbows.

Drake with a Leaping Neckbreaker in the ring for a nearfall. Cage comes back with a series of shoulder blocks but Drake comes back with a Pop-Up Powerslam followed by an Elbow Drop for a nearfall.

Drake goes for a Knee Drop but Cage moves and hits a nasty Shortarm Forearm Smash followed by a series of clotheslines and knees. Cage hits a Backbreaker followed by a Spinning Neckbreaker. Cage hits a Running Elbow followed by a Spinning Enziguri.

Cage hits a German Suplex and Drake retreats to the apron. Drake catches Cage with a Jawbreaker on the top rope and then walks into an Enziguri from Cage. Cage lifts Drake up into an inside-out Superplex.

Cage climbs to the top but Drake leaps up top and hits a Superplex for a nearfall. Drake hits another Neckbreaker and then a dropkick but walks right into a nasty Lariat from Cage for a nearfall!

Eli goes for the Gravy Train but Cage blocks it and hits a nasty Spear for the pin!

Winner: Brian Cage via pinfall (Spear)

The “I Quit” match is up next.

I Quit Match
“Die Hard” Eddie Edwards vs. “The Death Machine” Jeremiah Crane (Sami Callihan)

Eddie and Sami have had an intense feud in Impact over the last several months but Eddie will be facing Sami’s Lucha Underground alter-ego, Jeremiah Crane, tonight.

Eddie hits a crazy dive sending Crane into the guardrail as he makes his entrance! Eddie beats Crane all around ringside but then Crane pulls the referee in front of him. As Eddie hesitates, Crane kicks Eddie and then Powerbombs him onto the apron!

Crane pulls out a spare turnbuckle from under the ring and starts choking Eddie with it before tossing him into the guardrail. Crane rips Eddie’s shirt off and then spits on his hand and chops the piss out of Eddie.

Eddie chokes Crane with his shirt but Crane refuses to quit. Crane avoids a chop and Eddie slams his hand against the ring post. Crane then goes for a chop of his own and Eddie moves causing Crane to hit the ring post.

Eddie and Crane brawl to the back but quickly brawl back to ringside where Eddie throws a chair at Crane’s face. Eddie throws a second chair at Crane’s face and then tosses Crane back and forth into the guardrails. Eddie grabs a bunch more chairs and throws them at Crane.

Eddie rolls Crane back in the ring and stacks up a bunch of chairs at ringside. Eddie grabs a bunch more chairs from fans and tosses them in the ring. Eddie tries to Suplex Crane off the apron and through the chairs, but Crane blocks it and kicks Eddie in the head. Crane hits a Springboard Clothesline knocking Eddie to the floor and then Crane hits a Bicycle Kick to Eddie.

Crane throws a bunch of chairs in the ring and then lays another chair across two set up chairs at ringside. Crane drags Eddie up onto the apron and the two exchange forearms. Crane goes after Eddie’s injured eye and rakes it.

Crane goes for a Piledriver off the apron but Eddie blocks it and hits a Step-Up Enziguri. Eddie hits a Fisherman’s Buster on the apron!

Eddie throws more chairs into the ring and then tosses Crane in. Eddie destroys Crane with a nasty chop and then throws a chair at him. Crane kicks Eddie low and then hits a Butterfly Shoulder Breaker. Crane charges at Eddie but he moves and Crane runs into a chair that was set up earlier.

Eddie starts throwing chair after chair at Crane’s face and every time Crane tells the referee to kiss his ass when he asks him if he wants to quit. Crane flips Eddie off, so Eddie tosses Crane a chair and when he catches it hits the Boston Knee Party sending the chair in his face!

Eddie lifts Crane up to the top rope and then sets up a number of chairs, stacked on top of each other. Crane is bleeding from the top of his head, looks like a hard-way.

Eddie sets up for a Superplex but Crane blocks it and his fee hit the chairs messing up their spot. Crane stops and throws a chair at Eddie before hitting a DVD onto a chair standing up! Crane wraps the chair around Eddie’s neck and screams, “Kiss my ass, Solomon Crowe!” That had a negative effect as fans start chanting “NXT.”

Crane drags a guardrail into the ring and sets it up in a corner. Crane goes for a Powerbomb but Eddie low blows Crane and then Powerbombs Crane onto the guardrail and bends it! Eddie tells the referee not to ask him if he wants to quit.

Eddie puts the chair over Crane’s face, the same way Sami did when Sami creamed him with the bat, and then we see OVE run out to the ring. Eddie lays them out but then walks right into a nasty chair shot to the face, sending Eddie’s chair into his face, too.

Crane pulls out the bat from under the ring! Crane sets the chair up over Eddie’s face again and then Crane decks the referee with the bat as he begged Crane not to do it. Don Callis comes out and screams at Crane not to do it. Callis throws a towel in the ring to call the match.

Winner: Crane via forfeit

Crane decides to hit Eddie with the bat anyway but Moose hits the ring with a chair and chases him off.

Mackenzie announces that Fenix vs. Pentagon Jr. will go down at Impact Redemption on PPV later this month! That will be both men’s debuts at an Impact-only event. Things are about to get real, folks!

It’s also announced that this will now be a Triple Threat between Fenix, Pentagon and Austin Aries. No reason given for Alberto’s absence.

Main Event
Triple Threat Match
Impact World Champion “The Greatest Man That Ever Lived” Austin Aries vs. “The Bird of War” Fenix vs. “Cero Miedo” Pentagon Jr.

This was supposed to be a tag team match but Alberto has been pulled with no explanation. Fenix and Pentagon are brothers and actually one of the best tag teams in the world right now, but have always been rivals in Lucha Underground.

Pentagon gets in Aries’ face as he gets in the ring. A “. Del Rio” chant breaks out and my sentiments exactly. Pentagon starts kicking the hell out of everyone and connects with a Lasso on Fenix. Aries with a Back Suplex on Pentagon but then walks into an Enziguri on Aries.

Fenix and Pentagon square off and show off some of their crazy counters and reversals. These two work so well together. Fenix attempts a Double-Spring Moonsault but Pentagon moves but then comes back with the Triple Spring Armdrag. Aries hits a Missile Dropkick and covers Fenix for a nearfall.

Aries hits a Running Back Elbow followed by a Snapmare and then a Diving Back Elbow. Pentagon DDT’s Fenix and covers both men for nearfalls. Pentagon argues with the referee and then goes for a suplex but Aries blocks it and lands on his feet. Aries leapfrogs Pentagon and goes for a wheelbarrow into a headscissors but Pentagon kicks the piss out of him.

Pentagon sets up for a dive but Fenix catches him with the Rolling Cutter out of nowhere! Aries rolls back in and lights Fenix up with chops. Aries with the Heat Seeking Missile through the ropes onto Pentagon on the floor! Fenix hits the Middle-Springboard Corkscrew Plancha onto Pentagon and Aries!

Fenix and Aries exchange strikes and then Fenix leaps to the top and moonsaults over a charging Aries. Fenix hits a beautiful Bridging German Suplex for a nearfall. Pentagon kicks Fenix in the head and then hits a Running Powerslam for a nearfall.

Pentagon sets up for the Fear Factor but Aries boxes the ears of Pentagon and then goes for the Roaring Elbow, but Pentagon holds onto the ropes and then backdrops Aries over the top. Aries lands on the apron and guillotines Pentagon. Aries climbs up top and hits the 450 Splash! 1…2…NO Pentagon kicks out!

Aries immediately locks in the Last Chancery but Fenix kicks him. Fenix with a Flying Forearm in the corner and then he lifts Aries up for a Muscle Buster, but Aries blocks it and school boys Fenix for a nearfall. Last Chancery again! Pentagon kicks Aries in the head this time.

Fenix with a Springboard Flying Back Kick on Aries followed by a Codebreaker form Pentagon. Fenix Monkey Flips Pentgon into a Flying Dropkick on Aries in the corner. Fenix and Pentagon Wheelbarrow into a Somersault Splash on Aries! Aries and Pentagon both go for a pin and start chopping each other.

Aries joins in on the chop fest but then eats a Double Superkick from Fenix and Pentagon! Fenix hits a Spinning Back Kick and then runs into a Flipping Powerbomb from Pentagon! 1…2…NO Fenix kicks out!

Pentagon hits the Pentagon Driver on Fenix for the pin!

Winner: Pentagon via pinfall (Pentagon Driver)


1) Six-Way Dance: Matanza def. Chavo Guerrero Jr., Caleb Konley, Jack Evans, Moose & Matt Sydal (***)
2) Impact Knockouts Title: Allie (c) def. Taya Valkyrie to retain the title! (**1/2)
3) Scott Steiner & Teddy Hart def. OVE (*1/2)
4) King Cuerno, Drago & Aerostar def. Dezmond Xavier, Andrew Everett & Zema Ion (***)
5) Trevor Lee def. Marty the Moth (**)
6) Impact Tag Team Titles: LAX (c) def. Killshot & The Mack to retain the titles! (****)
7) Brian Cage def. Eli Drake (**)
8) I Quit Match: Jeremiah Crane def. Eddie Edwards via forfeit when Don Callis threw in the towel on Eddie’s behalf (***1/2)
9) Triple Threat: Pentagon Jr. def. Fenix & Austin Aries (****)


Boy, that was wild! I have been hyped up for this card ever since Impact announced it a few months ago and it honestly did not disappoint.

I’ll start with Josh Matthews and Matt Striker on commentary. When I saw that it would be those two, I let out an audible groan because I do not like either person. Striker is okay on Lucha Underground, when he is heavily edited, but his live commentary in AAA has been absolutely hideous. They both did a good job here for the most part, especially during Callihan-Edwards.

Production was okay, for the most part. The stream was solid and never lagged or went down for me, but lighting was just so-so, audio was pretty bad for promos and ring introductions and commentary was louder at times than others. It was free, though, so you can’t complain too much.

The Six-Way Dance was a great way to get things kicked off and it was a complete spot-fest but they didn’t go too overboard to burn out the crowd early. It was a nice way to make the Season Four announcement, too.

Allie-Taya was fun and they worked pretty well together. I really, really love Taya, so I hope she gets a run with the belt soon.

Steiner and Hart vs. OVE was so bizarre. First off, Teddy looked amazing but that has never been a problem with him. He is an athletic freak. It really felt like he just had to hit a bunch of his spots and then he didn’t care what happened the rest of the match. OVE did some really good, old school heel tag team wrestling and then Steiner came in and got the win despite barely being able to walk at this point. It was so stupid to have one of your top tag teams get submitted by a random team, let alone a 50-year old man. Awful decision.

The Trios Match was as insane as you would expect. There were a couple of clunky spots but everybody worked really well together and hit some crazy spots. The finish was my only issue. I have no problem with the submission but if you are going to do it then at least set it up. There was no work on the leg at all or no injury angle to the leg before Cuerno slapped it on. That’s just a pet peeve for me, I guess. It was good regardless.

The Impact Tag Title match was absolutely incredible. Both teams killed it and really stood out tonight on a show full of incredible athletes. They had one bad spot where LAX botched a double team move, and it almost derailed the whole match because it threw them off pretty bad for a couple of seconds like they didn’t know what to do, but they rebounded and finished strong. I would love to see Killshot and Mack in Impact more. Those two are beyond awesome.

Cage and Drake was just kind of there. It was way too short to be anything more than mediocre.

Lee-Marty was better than Famous B-Lee would have been but I was truly hoping for Dr. Wagner Jr. in that spot.

Edwards-Callihan was brutal and intense and really done well. Even when something didn’t quite go right in the match they were able to call and audible and change it up. The finish makes perfect sense with them setting up another match later on and this wasn’t nearly as brutal as we’ve seen Sami get in the past, likely because of the Louisiana Athletic Commission’s insane rules. Still, it was really good.

The Main Event was absolutely terrific with all three guys going out of their way to put on a crazy match. I loved it and the finish with Pentagon pinning Fenix set up their rematch for Redemption, while keeping Aries strong without taking the pin.

I love that Fenix and Pentagon are coming to Impact, if that ends up being long term it could be really great for the company.

I don’t know what the deal with Alberto is and considering he appeared at the Impact press conference earlier in the day, it doesn’t make much sense why he wasn’t in the main event. I hate to speculate and it’s probably not fair to do so, but history makes me think it was a situation of him not wanting to do a job or something along those lines, so Impact just pulled him. He definitely didn’t come off looking like a good guy in that deal and the lack of an explanation was really frustrating. They had the entire show to make that announcement and literally never did.

All in all, it was a great night of action and a really positive experience for me. Hopefully we get more of the same from Impact and Lucha Underground, and even more so, more crossover from the two. It benefits everyone when promotions work together.