Brian Cage

Chris Featherstone passed along some recent Impact Wrestling interviews.

The first interview features Brian Cage where he talks about joining Impact Wrestling and becoming part of the X Division in the company.

“I love it, man. Before I was even talking to Impact, I wanted to be part of the X-Division. That would be like the coolest spot I’d like to be. Actually one of the top people I wanted to work with was Matt Sydal, he’s someone I never worked with prior to this. So here we are and yeah man, it’s the grandest stage that Impact has to offer. I think we’ll definitely be up there for top contender for match of the night. I’m definitely walking out with that title.”

Cage will challenge Matt Sydal for the X Division Title tonight at Slammiversary.

Eddie Kingston on his previous Impact departure

Another interview is also online with Eddie Kingston where he talks about his first departure from the company and returning as part of the LAX storyline.

“This is real life stuff. I don’t like Konnan. Konnan don’t like me. He says he helped me out, helped me out with what? While I was out doing independents and these guys were getting fat eating off Impact, TNA, Global, while they were sitting there eating off those checks, I was eating off indie money. Tell me who’s right or wrong. People are going to sit there and say I’m the bad guy, I’m this, I’m that. I’m not the bad guy, I’m doing what’s right. The people who think I’m a bad guy have never lived the life we live. Everyone’s like oh you turned on Konnan. Konnan turned on me the day he brung in new LAX and I was sitting in the back watching that happen. I’m not supposed to bring that up, but let’s be real about it.”