Jeff Jarrett and GFE file second lawsuit over Impact deleting 16 hours of GFW footage


PWInsider is reporting that Jeff Jarrett and Global Force Entertainment have filed a second amended lawsuit against Anthem and Impact Wrestling over Anthem’s recent admission that they had deleted 16 hours of Global Force Wrestling Amped footage.

The 33-page lawsuit alleges Anthem prevented Jarrett and GFE from filing copyrights on the GFW Amped television footage adding, “The last remaining step in the registration process is submission of deposit copies, which GFE cannot provide to the Copyright Office due to Defendants’ unlawful possession and/or deletion of the only master recordings of the 16 one-hour GFW Amped videos.  Defendants admit that the master recordings were deleted while in their custody and no longer exist.”

As part of the amended lawsuit, a response from Anthem (filed on November 30, 2018) revealed that the footage has now been deleted when answering a previous request from Jarrett and GFE to produce specific documents and information.

“The sixteen one-hour Episodes of Global Force Wrestling Amped content sought in this question no longer exist.  It was deleted in the normal course of business, long prior to the onset of this litigation, in order to free up storage space on Anthem Wrestling’s systems.”

The amended lawsuit values the GFW Amped TV footage as being worth $300,000 per episode, alleging a loss of nearly $4.8 million in connection with the master tapes being deleted by Anthem Wrestling (the parent company of Impact Wrestling).

As reported earlier, Jarrett recently took on a role as a backstage producer for WWE.