Impact Code Red Results – 5/5/19 (First event featured on the Impact Plus service)

Impact Code Red Results

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Impact Code Red Results:

We’re kicking off with the Six-Man Scramble. If either Rich Swann or Mantequilla are pinned, they lose their respective championship!

Rich Swann vs. Ace Austin vs. Trey vs. Smiley vs. Evander James vs. Mantequilla

Mantequilla and Swann trade pin attempts in the early going. The action spills to the floor and Rich Swann takes out EVERYBODY with a flipping senton!

With all competitors back inside the ring, two of House of Glory’s mainstays take out Trey with stereo coast-to-coast dropkicks, prompting an HOG chant!

Ace Austin plants Evander James with the Fold, but Rich Swann breaks it up. Swann gets Austin out of the ring long enough to hit the 450 Splash and hold Evander James’ shoulders to the mat long enough to retain his X-Division Championship!

Rich Swann def. Ace Austin, Trey, Smiley, Evander James, Mantequilla

Next, two House of Glory stars have a chance to score a big upset over an IMPACT headliner!

Moose vs. Ken Broadway vs. Anthony Gangone

Moose stays out of the action on the outside, opting to watch his two opponents brutalize each other. He sneaks in and narrowly misses the No Jackhammer Needed Spear, getting a hurricanrana from Ken Broadway for his troubles!

Later, Gangone tries to nail Broadway with a suicide dive to the outside, but gets caught and flattened with a seamless suplex!

After some more action, Moose steps out of the ring and decides to head to the showers to the crowd’s stunned amazement! Now a one-on-one match, Anthony Gangone seizes the opportunity and pins Broadway to retain his championship!

Anthony Gangone def. Ken Broadway and Moose

Next, the North try to continue their rapid ascendence in the IMPACT tag team ranks by defeating the Rascalz!

The Rascalz (Dez & Wentz) vs. The North (Ethan Page & Josh Alexander)

Wentz tries to hit Josh Alexander with a handspring knee, but gets snatched up and broken in two over Walking Weapon’s knee! The North exercise the man advantage, cutting off the ring and abusing a helpless Wentz with hard-hitting offense.

Wentz finally slips out of their grasp and rocks Alexander with the handspring knee he was searching for earlier! He’s able to make the tag to a fresh Dez.

The Rascalz try to hit Hot Fire Flame but Alexander is able to wrap up Dez before he can propel Wentz across the ring!

Later, the Rascalz manage to hit Hot Fire Flame on Alexander, but “All Ego” yanks the referee out of the ring by his ankle!

With the distraction successfully made, Wentz is taken out of commission, and the North hit their devastating 2-on-1 finisher on Dez for the big win on IMPACT Plus!

The North def. The Rascalz

Backstage, HOG’s Matt Striker is with Michael Elgin, who promises to put Willie Mack in the hospital!

Next, it will be a women’s star from both IMPACT and House of Glory on either side of the ring in Knockouts action!

Tessa Blanchard & Violette vs. Scarlett Bordeaux & Sonya Strong

Sonya Strong shocks Tessa in the early-going by taking her off her feet with a hurricanrana!

Tessa and Scarlett find themselves in the ring against each other, and Tessa tortures the Smoke Show with a wicked leg lock!

Scarlett is finally able to make the tag and unleash Sonya Strong!

Scarlett wipes Tessa out with a gigantic powerbomb but it’s not enough to keep Tessa on the mat.

Tessa caves in Sonya’s chest with a Magnum out of the corner, and follows it up with the Buzzsaw DDT, gaining the W for her team!

Tessa Blanchard & Violette def. Scarlett Bordeaux & Sonya Strong

Backstage, Willie Mack is with Melissa Santos, who says he’s going to turn Code Red into a “Code Blue” for Michael Elgin!

Michael Elgin vs. Willie Mack

The two battle to get the other off their feet with shoulder blocks in the early moments.

Willie throws just about everything at Elgin in an attempt to pin him, including a thunderous DDT! Mack misses his flip into the corner, which opens the door for Elgin to fire off a momentum-building top rope dropkick!

The entire ring shakes as Michael Elgin crushes Willie Mack with a superplex… but Mack narrowly slips the shoulder up!

Willie Mack swings the match back his way by flying over the top rope onto Elgin on the outside!

Mack whiffs on a Six Star Frog Splash, allowing Elgin to hammer him into submission with forearms. Two concussive lariats and a crucifix powerbomb drive Mack into the mat… but he still kicks out! This match is incredible!

Elgin lands a final Elgin Bomb for the three in what ended up being a must-see heavyweight collision!

Michael Elgin def. Willie Mack

But Elgin’s not done. He removes the turnbuckle pad, backhanding the referee who tries to stop his assault! Elgin attempts to send Mack into the exposed steel, but Mack reverses it, and it’s Elgin who takes the ride into the buckle!

Backstage, Matt Striker enters the dressing room of Johnny IMPACT and Taya Valkyrie. Johnny is fuming over recent events, but Taya gets his head in the game before their match with Eddie and Alisha!

Johnny IMPACT and Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) vs. Eddie and Alisha Edwards

Johnny and Taya start off with an egregious public display of affection, but Eddie and Alisha counter with a public display of aggression when they unleash chops across their opponents’ chests!

Eddie’s tiger driver very nearly keeps Johnny down for the count, and follows up with a devastating chop to the back!

Alisha starts to build momentum against Taya, but Johnny reaches into the ring and yanks Alisha down by the hair!

Taya steals a page from Eddie Edwards’ playbook by pulverizing his wife with a Blue Thunder Bomb… but Alisha gets the shoulder up at 2.5!

Alisha very nearly scores a pin on Johnny after an earth-shaking tornado DDT, but John E. Bravo pulls the referee out! Inside of the ring, Taya nails Alisha with Johnny’s red X, and Johnny is able to keep Alisha down for three!

Johnny IMPACT and Taya Valkyrie (w/ John E. Bravo) def. Eddie and Alisha Edwards

Next, it’s a sure-to-be-wild three-way tag team encounter!

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) vs. oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. New York Wrecking Krew (Smoothe Blackmon & Chris Seaton)

The raucous Queens crowd starts an early “Go Back to Ohio” chant!

oVe makes Santana pay with a superplex/powerbomb combo, but the pin is broken up by Smoothe Blackmon.

Ortiz lays everybody out, but Chris Seaton is able to tackle him to the mat. Jake Crist plants Santana with a tombstone piledriver that also sees him crush his knees into Ortiz’ chest!

Dave Crist hits a moonsault to the outside that wipes out the New York Wrecking Krew! With Jake Crist left all alone in the ring, he’s double-teamed by LAX for the win!

LAX (Santana & Ortiz) def. oVe (Dave & Jake Crist) vs. New York Wrecking Krew (Smoothe Blackmon & Chris Seaton)

Backstage, Tommy Dreamer has strong words for Sami Callihan. It’s main event time!

Sami Callihan vs Tommy Dreamer: oVe Rules Match

Sami takes the fight to Tommy before “The Innovator of Violence” can even enter the ring. Tommy attempts a dive but Sami cleans him out with a garbage can.

Tommy Dreamer produces a staple gun and manages to staple Sami Callihan to the ramp! Tommy’s in full control, emptying another garbage can onto Sami and stopping to snack from the remains.

Back in the ring, Sami turns the tables and shoves a turnbuckle into Tommy’s mouth!

Callihan brings a fan’s puppet into the ring, and Dreamer puts it on his hands and shoves it down Sami’s throat!

This match has gotten completely out of control as Tommy introduces a bag full of Lego and nails Sami with a cutter onto it!

With a wooden board set up in the corner, Sami and Tommy take turns trying to put each other through it, but it’s finally Sami who nails a piledriver through the board for the win!

Sami Callihan def. Tommy Dreamer: oVe Rules Match