Tommy Dreamer says Scott Steiner is expected to make a full recovery

IMPACT Wrestling Agent and wrestler Tommy Dreamer took to Twitter earlier on Saturday (view below) to provide a health update on Scott Steiner.

Dreamer noted that Steiner is expected to make a full recovery.

Steiner, 57, was rushed to the hospital after collapsing backstage at an IMPACT event Friday night in Atlanta. Steiner was worked on by paramedics at the scene before being transported to a local emergency room.

We previously reported that Steiner was undergoing a heart procedure on Saturday. 

In addition, Steiner’s wife, Christa Rechsteiner took to Twitter (view below) and thanked IMPACT Wrestling, Tommy Dreamer, Scott D’Amore, Johnny Swinger, Joey Ryan, and the Cobb County EMT’s for taking care of her husband.