Michael Elgin will not be appearing for IMPACT Wrestling, company releases a statement

Michael Elgin will not be appearing for IMPACT Wrestling

IMPACT Wrestling has issued a statement that Michael Elgin will no longer be appearing in any further programming.  

IMPACT provided the following statement as it relates to Elgin:

Impact Wrestling announced that Michael Elgin will not be appearing in any further Impact Wrestling programming.”

PWInsider has reported that sources have stated that Elgin will not be seen again in IMPACT Wrestling. Elgin has also been removed from IMPACT’s roster page, and all   merchandise related to Elgin has also been removed. 

We reported back on June 23, As part of the #speakingout movement, IMPACT suspended Elgin due to many alleged allegations against women that came out online. The company had originally indicated that Elgin would remain suspended until further review until after the investigations to allegations was completed. 

With IMPACT’s decision to no longer use Eligin going foward, all content with him will be eliminated from future programming that features his involvement as part of the build to the World Championship Match at Slammiversary.  IMPACT has taped all their television episodes leading up to the PPV. It is also being said that the company is now working on how to edit upcoming episodes leading up to Slammiversary. 

Elgin was originally scheduled to take part in a Fatal Five-Way Match at Slammiversay for the World Title. However, after IMPACT announced the termination of Tessa Blanchard, this now leaves Trey Miguel vs. Ace Austin vs. Eddie Edwards vs. other possible opponents yet to be named to crown a new Champion Slammiversary, which will take place from a closed set in Nashville, TN on Saturday, July 18.   

It should be noted that as of this report, IMPACT has not offically announced Elgin has been officially released from his contract.  However this certainly looks to be the end of his run with Impact.

Before deleting his social media account on Friday, Elgin noted the following on Instagram about IMACT’s decision not use him going forward:

“I appreciate the time and opportunities given to me with Impact.  That locker room, the film crew and all the company officials were a pleasure to be associated with.  I hope that in time things get sorted.  For now, I have to look at the bright side, I have more time to spend with my son and reclaim time that has been missed.”