Scott D’Amore open to AEW and IMPACT interpromotional match

IMPACT Wrestling Co-Executive Scott D’Amore is open to having an inter-promotional match between AEW’s FTR (Dax Harwood and Cash Wheeler) and IMPACT’s The North (Ethan Page and Josh Alexander).

The North took to Twitter responding a clip between FTR and The Dark Order stating that is the reason why FTR and The North need to work ASAP.  Dax Harwood then responded and said that he is begging The North and that each tag team needs to talk to their bosses.

Cash Wheeler also responded by saying to get their numbers from The Good Brothers.

Scott D’Amore responded by saying that he “has mad respect” for FTR, and that IMPACT Wrestling supports making it happen with a home and home series between FTR and The North, and then asked Chris Jericho how to make the match happen. 

D’Amore also noted in another tweet that IMPACT respects all contractual relationships so if AEW will come to the table he wants to get it done. 

You can check out the Twitter exchanges below: