Reby Hardy

Reby Hardy (aka Reby Sky) took to Twitter on Friday afternoon unleashing a series of tweets directed at Impact Wrestling, Jeff Jarrett and Anthem’s Ed Nordholm regarding the treatment of her husband Matt Hardy and Jeff Hardy in recent weeks.

As reported on earlier, both Matt and Jeff Hardy opted to not re-sign with the promotion while they remained the current Tag Team Champions. Reports indicated that Impact Wrestling had inserted new clauses, one of which would require the company receiving a percentage of all bookings taking place outside of Impact Wrestling appearances.

Reby Hardy, not one to hold back publicly, took both Jarrett and Nordholm to task on Twitter including how Matt’s previous “contract could have been broken due to NUMEROUS issues” and that “damn near 20% of your roster leaving in the span of a week, all citing the same reasons or none at all. What does that tell you?”

She also accuses both Jarrett and Nordhold of being “fake” when Matt and Jeff Hardy opted publicly to not remain with Impact Wrestling despite company executives reportedly threatening to sue the Hardy’s. Reby also revealed that the Hardy’s personally financed three of the highest rated segments on Pop TV in 2016 “solely to help the product and because they BELIEVED IN TNA.” You can check out all of her tweets below.