Dixie Carter

Abyss on Dixie Carter/Hall of Fame

Ryan Rider of Main Event Radio passed along an interview with Abyss where he talked about why Dixie Carter deserved to be in the Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame.

“I truly believe that she deserving to go in the Hall of Fame. She ran a company for 15 years and established its history. Gave us all a platform to become an international company, the merchandising, action figures, the Spike TV deal…all that stuff was under her watch. I know she takes a beating in the media but they don’t know all the work she put in and the passion that she had.”

Scott Steiner talks Slammiversary

Donald Wood of Ring Rust Radio passed along an interview with Scott Steiner where he talked about returning to the ring for Impact Wrestling at Slammiversary on July 2.

“When I left nothing impressed me; that’s why I left. The change of management which was a problem because Dixie Carter is an idiot and then she brought in these other idiots like Hulk Hogan. I was just like damn; I got to get the hell out of here. I watched them from afar and their pockets kept getting run down and then thank God, someone else bought it, ran her out and now the right guy is back in charge being Jeff Jarrett. That’s basically who I started with before when Jeff started Impact Wrestling. I definitely wanted to come back and work for the organization again.”


  1. If there was ever a person who actually deserves to go in TNA’s HOF, I cant think of a more loyal, hard working and humble superstar TNA has had than Abyss. To have stayed with this company through thick and thin for its entire run and evolve as a performer shos commitment, versatility and loyalty. TNA’s HOF is a joke, but inducting an actual TNA bred performer would make sense to me

  2. Yup, I agree. I’ve always said nothing but good things about this guy. Very underrated as well. Its too bad they are always misusing him though. He was best during the early years, the monster gimmick with the mask, when he was taken seriously.
    Him and James Storm (the 2 remaining originals) are the only good ones left on the roster, along with Bobby Lashley & EC3.

  3. Agree 101%. Abyss should be the next guy in. Dixie?…….I guess she does too for the reasons Abyss mentions.

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