Slammiversary Notes: El Patron, GFW update and names backstage


GFW/Impact Wrestling presented Slammiversary last night in Orlando, the company’s first major PPV event since the Anthem takeover and reintroduction of Jeff Jarrett.

Here are some news and notes from the PPV courtesy of

* Newly unified World Champion Alberto El Patron cut a promo after the show went off the air, shaking the hand of Lashley and knocking WWE. El Patron noted he had been wrestling for 19 years for many companies and that he would be happy to fight Lashley again because they were fighters and not “f*cking sports entertainers.” The Spotlight on Facebook posted a clip of the promo that you can view below.

Note: Strong language and not work safe!

* WWE star Paige, who is engaged to Alberto El Patron, attended the PPV last night and sat in the front row wearing a lucha mask. Twitter users were able to snap some photos of her sitting at ringside during the main event.

* In an interview with PWInsider, Jeff Jarrett made it very clear that while the weekly television show will continue to carry the Impact name, the company going forward will rebrand as Global Force Wrestling. Anthem reportedly ordered new championship titles and will likely introduce them at TV tapings this week in Orlando.

* The company reportedly turned away “the largest amount of fans” in many years from last night’s PPV at Universal Studios.

* Bruce Prichard did not attend the PPV due to a family matter.

* Jeremy Borash suffered in the range of 25-35 puncture wounds on his palms and wrists after doing a splash off the top rope over Josh Mathews onto thumbtacks.

* As of now, Borash and Mathews will be returning to the commentary team. Don West and Robert Flores were highly praised for commentary last night at the PPV.